Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day Thirteen - A Letter to Someone Who Has Hurt You Recently

Dear V,

You've really upset me with what you did. I don't feel I can trust you right now and I'm not really keen to continue our friendship. You said it wasn't your fault, that it was someone else's, but I have eyes. I saw what you were doing and I know what you claimed you said. It was your fault. I'm not saying the other person wasn't involved, but you knew how I felt and yet you still felt it okay to do what you did. Not cool. Not what friends do to one another. And what you said has caused a riff between me and another friend. Now that friend is avoiding me and it feels really unfair.

Not only did that incident happen, but now I have someone telling me that you're involved in things you should not be, things that are illegal! I don't want my name associated with that. How can I trust you when you do these things?!?! And, yet, you still refuse to accept any responsibility for your actions!

I think we should cool our friendship for a while. I don't think I can stomach being around you right now.



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