Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 19 - Nicknames You Have & Why You Have Them

I have lots of nicknames. I got my first nickname the day I was born. I'll go at this one-by-one and list them, who calls me that and why.

Doodle/Turkey/Doodle-Turkey - This was my dad's nickname for me. I was born the day before Thanksgiving, so that's where Turkey comes from. Not sure exactly where he got Doodle from, but he called me variations of it my whole life. Sometimes I was Doodle, sometimes I was Turkey and sometimes I was Doodle-Turkey. I answered to all of them.

Dooby - My mom's nickname for me. A variation of Doodle, but slightly different in order to differentiate from my dad's name for me. Not really sure why I get called this, but there you go.

Punkin' - This is what my siblings all called me growing up. I was so much younger than all of them (the next youngest is 11 1/2 years older than I am), I was like the smallest pumpkin in the patch. Or the Punkin'. At least that what they always told me.

Wife/Spouse/Lovely Wife/Moocher - All names my darling husband calls me. Most of these are self-explanatory. Moocher is a variation of moochie, which is something we call kisses. This came from way back when we were still conversing online. It's just something we started doing one day. No real reason behind it, but it stuck (I could write an entire post on the "language" we've developed. Seriously, we're like a science experiment.)

Cinderella - My best friend since 4th grade, Snow White, calls me this. As you can see, we both have fairytale nicknames. This started when, in our teens, we were both simply looking for Prince Charming or our knight on a white horse. What can I say? It stuck.

These are just a few of the most prominent nicknames I have. I could go on for days with this post, but I'll spare you, lol! As you can see, I really don't mind what people call me. I'll answer to most anything as long as I don't find it offensive!


Anonymous said...

Just had to say that my nickname was also Punkin! My Dad called me that. He died this summer. So now I'm no longer Punkin. :-( I kind of feel like I've lost an identity.

I hope you get to stay Turkey for a long while.

@StolenEggs - ICLW#82

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