Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Twilight Widowers Anonymous

So I discovered a website that I feel will prove to be a useful tool for my husband last night: Twilight Widowers Anonymous. This guy is totally hilarious and, as sad as it may be, I completely feel his wife's pain. As a Twi-Addict myself, I get that only fellow Twi-Addicts can understand the true depth of our obsession. It's not really even a choice anymore. It's a cumpulsion.

But, anyway, I found the site and I was reading some of the posts to Rich. He, like myself, was laughing hard enough to knock most of the air out of our lungs. I was really struggling to breathe with all the laughter that was bubbling in me. The guy is so funny! He really should have his own stand up act. His post from May 1 indicates “A day in the life of a Twilight Widower”. As I was reading it out, Rich was nodding and muttering “Hmm....de ja' vu”, which only succeeded in making me laugh harder. It was amazing, though, how much it sounded like me.

The Twilight Widower had also made some motivational posters for other Twilight widowers. They were too funny. My favorite was the Patience one. Just the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Also, completely true.

At least now Rich has a place to go for support. When he's feeling neglected or abandoned because of my Twilight obsession, he can visit Twilight Widowers Anonymous and take comfort in knowing there are others out there just like him. They can have company in their misery!

In other Twilight-related news, I had an awesome dream Sunday night. Rob Pattinson was giving a free concert in my town! It was wonderful and so real. This could have had something to do with me having my MP3 player and earbuds on and the player happening to be on Rob's songs. Oh, what wonderful dreams. Of course, the stupid alarm clock had to pick that moment to go off, thus interrupting my beautiful dreamworld. *Sigh* Must remember to think of that dream next time I wear my MP3 player to bed. Maybe the dream will continue :-D

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Finale

Okay, so hands up if you watched American Idol last night. I did! Now, who else was as surprised as I was by who was in the finale? I understand Adam Lambert being there (I mean the guy is fantastic! Surely he has to win this thing?), but what the heck is wrong with people? I mean, come on, Kris Allen? Really? He has to be the most forgettable contestant ever on the show! When he performed his first song last night – the one that was his favorite performance of the season – I couldn't even remember him singing it! Come to think of it, I can barely remember him at all this season. So I am completely baffled how he made it into the finale.

When we got to the Final 13, I made a prediction for who would be the final 3 and who would be in the finale. I'm sad to say that I was close but not quite there. I didn't factor in America's puzzling fascination with what I had perceived to be a blank dot in the finalists. I figured Kris would go out 11th or 12th. I was seriously flabbergasted to find he beat out both Alison Iraheta & Danny Gokey, whom I expected to be numbers two and three respectively. In my opinion, they were both much better singers and performers than Kris Allen could ever hope to be. I can only assume too many parents allowed their 10 and 11 year old daughters (who all seem to have googly eyes over Kris – again, I don't get it) to vote.

So it comes down to last night's vote to see if I can still have any confidence in the American public. Is there really a possibility that Adam Lambert (who is miles and miles ahead of Kris in both performance and vocals – not to mention style) can lose? I surely hope not. I am holding out hope that this country still knows brilliance when we see it. Adam, you got my vote (repeatedly, lol)! Good luck with the win you deserve!

On a slightly related note, did anyone else catch Glee last night? I believe I have a new favorite show! But I'll blog more about that another time. Bye for now!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Day, Another Blather

I really need to get back into this blogging thing. It's been so long since I've consistently blogged, though, that I find it difficult to maintain the flow. However, I'm going to make a concerted effort to get my blog going once more. My life, however, is fairly boring, so, although there will be updates about what's going on in my world, I think I'm going to choose random topics to ponder so as to have something worth talking about. Today's random topic: Twilight.

So, yes, I admit it. I am a major Twilight geek and I have a huge crush on Rob Pattinson (yes, I know he's 7 years younger than me and I'm married, but I don't really care – my crush stands). I love the whole series! Stephenie Meyer is brilliant! I only wish I had come up with the idea myself (then I could stand a chance of meeting Rob Pattinson *snigger*). I know, I know.......there is a lot of criticism of the books and some of the characters out there, but I think its a great series. *Sigh* There haven't been many times in my life when I've wished I was seventeen again (let alone a seventeen year old named Bella who lived in Forks, WA), however, during the two weeks it took me to read the entire series, I was definitely dreaming of it. Not to mention the three or four weeks that followed, lol!

For me, Edward Cullen is the most romantic fictional character ever. If I could just convince my husband to act more like him, I'd be in heaven. Don't get me wrong, I think my hubby is great. But there's just something about Edward that epitomizes perfection for me. (Jasper's pretty awesome as well!) I can truly say that, had I met a ridiculously sexy, ultra-gentlemanly, 108-year-old vampire when I was 17, yup, I'd have begged to be changed as well. I think the girl just used common sense! How often in life do we meet Mr. Perfect? So what if he has one tiny flaw, like not actually being alive and having to fight the desire to kill me in order to drink my blood? I'd risk it too! Wouldn't you?

As for the movie version, while I did find that there were parts of the books I would have liked to have seen incorporated into the film that weren't, I still found the film to be great. Yes, this feeling was helped along by having Rob Pattinson as Edward. My goodness, should any one person ever have the right to look that good?!?! And, aside from looks, I think he's an amazingly talented actor and musician. I would really love to catch him performing some of his music in a pub someday, but I'm not sure that opportunity will arise again now that he's so recognizable and he's become so famous. I can dream though! My husband and I each have a list of approved celebrities that, if we ever met them, an affair could not count as cheating. Currently, Rob is topping my list (in case you're curious, Eliza Dushku is at the top of the hubby's list). Now, to just figure a way to finangle a meeting, lol!

So, that's my blather for the day. I know how sad I am, no need to tell me. And, if you don't like Twilight, that's fine. I don't require anyone to like it. I probably love it enough for any 50 people! Hopefully I'll be able to keep up my postings and will return tomorrow! Bye for now!