Sunday, October 10, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

Wow! I can't believe it's been so long again since I posted! Let's see if I can't update you.

I'm still not completely over my sickness yet. In fact, I'm losing my voice again now and coughing a good bit again, but I'm feeling okay, so I guess I can make do with that. I'm still waiting for AF to decide if she's going to show or not. After that first two weeks off Megace and nothing happening, Dr. O started me back on the meds for another week and then off again. I'm currently 12 days off the meds again and, although I've had some light spotting for several days and lots of cramping, the old hag hasn't decided to fully show up yet. Guess I'll keep waiting and see what happens.

Work has taken a turn for the worse again staff-wise. You may remember a few months ago that I mentioned we hired a full-time person to work in our department and we hired a person to work as and when needed. Well, recently an individual working in our overall department but not in our area left the company. This meant that the full-time individual we had hired was moved to fill her position. We then promoted the as-needed person to part-time. She has subsequently quit showing up to work and has now been terminated. Therefore, we are now back to only two of us in our department and looking to hire someone part-time. So I'm back to working long hours and doing interviews again. It makes for long, tiring days and me forgetting to post to my blog.

It hasn't all been work for me though. The Hubs and I spent last weekend in Atlanta. We went last Friday night (October 1) to watch the Atlanta Braves play the Philadelphia Phillies (The Hubs' first Major League baseball game). While the Braves did lose, we had a great time! We got to see 23 hits, 16 runs, a grand slam home run (albeit for the Phillies) and a first Major League at-bat for a player plus some awesome fireworks after the game. We had the obligatory $21.00 hamburgers and drinks meal and, in true fan fashion, heckled the Phillies players. All in all, we had a great night!

The field being readied before the game.

A great big smile from The Hubs at his first Big League game.

Me rocking my Braves cap!

The Hubs and I enjoying the after-game fun.

On the Saturday, we went to the Atlanta Cyclorama and Zoo Atlanta. We had a great time! The Cyclorama is a huge painting (the second largest in the world) measuring 42 ft high by 358 ft long. It depicts the Battle of Atlanta fought on July 22, 1864. It was incredibly impressive and, if you ever find yourself in Atlanta with an hour free, I definitely recommend going to see it. It's awesome! It's located in Grant Park.

Zoo Atlanta was also pretty awesome! There were so many animals and we had such a great time visiting and seeing them. There were a lot of baby animals in residence as well and that was lovely to see. We saw a Joey Kangaroo, still in his mother's pouch, we saw a gorilla who was breastfeeding her very young baby, and we saw the wonderful new addition to the giraffes, a baby girl born on July 13, 2010 named Zuri. I love giraffes and it was great to see her!

Having a blast and seeing lots of cool animals at Zoo Atlanta!

Baby Zuri with her mom, dad and other giraffe folk.

On Sunday, we walked around Little Five Points, the area of Atlanta we were staying in. We had a great time seeing the area and we found a pub called Brewhouse, where we found a football (soccer) game on with Chelsea playing Arsenal. The Hubs was ecstatic, so we settled in to watch. We ordered some food with The Hubs having what was effectively a full English breakfast and me having Eggs Benedict (which I absolutely adore and rarely get to have!). It was a great morning! After the game was over, we walked back to our hotel and started our leisurely trip home. It was a great weekend!

I have lots of other things I need to update you on, but this post has taken much longer than I planned for it to. I am now headed to make dinner (Chicken Tikka Masala, Naan bread and Basmati Rice), so I will update you on the other stuff (such as my new hair cut and donation for Locks of Love!) later. Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend!