Friday, November 4, 2011

Day Four - A Habit You Wish You Didn't Have or Something You're Looking Forward To

I like both aspects of this post, so I think I'll answer them both =D

A habit that I have that I wish I didn't have is that I often start things, but fail to finish them. Or I take forever to finish them. I have lots of big ideas, but very little follow-through. It's not even that I'm not motivated, but more that I have so much going on that I lose my motivation. I've tried to limit the number of things I'm involved with, but, even then, I find myself getting too involved in some things to be productive at others. It's something I really dislike about myself.

I wish I could focus on one thing and do a great job of it, rather than spreading my interest across a myriad of endeavours. You would think this would mean that I'd do a poor job of most everything I do, but that's not the case! No, because I'm also a perfectionist, I don't allow myself to do a poor showing of most things. A slow showing, maybe, but not a poor one. This results in me always feeling tired, disappointed and a bit of a failure. I need to work on curbing this bad habit.


Something I'm looking forward to? Well, that's an easy one! I'm looking forward to adopting and being a mother!

The Hubs and I thought we had gotten ourselves onto the list to be called for orientation with the State of Georgia a few weeks ago. We were just waiting for a call, but we never heard anything. So, after several phone calls and redirections to different people, we finally discovered we were not on the list as we thought. So....we got to start all over. However, as of this past Tuesday, we are officially on the wait list to be called for orientation! I can hardly wait to get the call and get started working towards our adoption =D

I will be a very, very happy woman when we finally get to a point we can have a child placed with us. So exciting!


Gwen said...

Very awesome about being on the adoption list! Totally excited for you!

junebug said...

I have the same bad habit!! Hard to finish when you are busy being a perfectionist.

Yeah for getting on the list!! I look forward to hearing about your journey. It is a crazy hard one but so worth it in the end.

Seriously you need to let me know when you make it to Savannah so we can meet for coffee. :-)

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