Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 25 - What Would One Find In My Bag

Wow! What a question! Okay, well, first off, my bag has a lot of clutter. I try to keep it cleaned out, but within a day of emptying it, it's all cluttered again. So, there is lotion, my glasses, a hairbrush, sunglasses, my wallet, my glucose meter, my keys, a notepad, my MP3 player, about a dozen pens, several pay periods' worth of check stubs, a bill or two, a couple of recipes (I have no idea, but they're there), passports belonging to both The Hubs and I and Lord only knows what else! It really can be a huge mess if I don't keep it cleaned up! And, no, my purse isn't huge. I learned my lesson about carrying a really big just gets full of junk much quicker!

What's in your bag?


Sarah said...

I have recently stopped carrying a purse, I have a wallet with a strap on it that I can throw into the diaper bag if needed. This holds my cards, money, a few coupons.

In a pocket of the diaper bag I carry a few pads, a brush, some lip balm and a couple of envirosacks.

Happy ICLW

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