Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November Update

A lot has happened in the last month. We worked out that we should be able to get the house we were looking at only to have Rich lose his job the day before we were to sign the paperwork. So, we're back to square one with no house and Rich currently with no job. *Sigh*

In better news, we had a doctor appointment today. Rich had his SA done a few days ago and we got his results. The SA count was 75 million which is great (it only needs to be 20 million to conceive a child). So that's good. I, on the other hand, have Hyperprolactonemia on top of the PCOS. I have to lose some weight and lower the prolactin in my system before I can stand any real chance of getting pregnant. I'm now taking medication to lower the prolactin level as well as the Metformin I had been taking. We have another appointment scheduled in 6 weeks time. Guess we'll go from there!