Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 21 - A Picture of Something That Makes You Happy / ICLW

There are several things that make me happy....

Bug & Boop
My nieces, Bug and Boop

Bug & Boop with their silly selves
Being silly

Bug & Boop
I mean, seriously? Who could resist those faces?

Pog's Christmas Photo 2006
And, of course, Pog! Have you ever seen a cuter doggie face?!?!

Santa Rich
Finally, my lovely, wonderful husband.

The things that make me happiest? My nieces, our puppy and The Hubs. Life is a great thing when their in mine!


Mrs. Gamgee said...

Lovely happy images!

(and I apologize if this double posted... blogger is acting up)

MrsH said...

Cute pictures! for me, before I had my daughter, it was hubby MrH, my cat, my parrot, my wardrobe and makeup, and of course food. Food always makes me happy (and a little larger than I would like to be).
Happy ICLW.
ICLW 101

Jes G said...

stopping by from iclw... hoping your adoption goes through soon and you and your hubs have a happy family

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