Friday, February 27, 2009

Contemplating a move...

This is my new start. There are many new things hopefully coming about in the next month or so, so I want to start looking at my life more positively.

Rich is still out of work, but we're looking in the Savannah area as well as the area we're currently in, so maybe something will come available soon. We're hoping to get to move to Savannah, as it seems it would be a better place for us. We'd still be close enough to my family to see them a couple of times a month, however, we'd no longer be in the house next door. We could get some much needed privacy.

The RE we're wanting to be referred to is also in Savannah, so if this next cycle brings no baby, we can move on from there. I'm taking Provera now to induce my cycle, then I'll be taking Clomid from day 3 and hoping we catch that egg this month! It'll be nice to know though, that if this doesn't work, we would be in the same town as a great RE and that would be a weight off my mind.

Savannah would be a better fit for us we think. We'd have access to better shopping, more restaurants, more entertainment in general. Also, the history and landscape of the place is amazing. Who wouldn't love living in one of the most hospitable and charming places on earth? I really hope this comes through. Our original plan when we moved back to the States was to live in Savannah and somehow we got off course. Maybe now is our opportunity to get back on track. Perhaps that's what the Lord has been leading us to.