Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 23 - Something You Crave For A Lot

Today is my anniversary. You may think this was done by design, considering my birthday was yesterday, but truly it was not. It so happened that, when The Hubs and I came to marry, my visa-waiver to the UK was expiring, so we came back to the US for our wedding and getting my spousal visa approved. In so doing, it worked out that the only day we could get married was the day after my birthday. So, today is our special day. We've been married 9 years. And I still think it's the best decision I ever made!

Before I met The Hubs, the thing I craved for the most was finding love. I think this is probably something that is common for most single people. As a species, humans tend to seek out and crave the thing they don't have. At that time, it was love.

These days, it tends to be children that I crave. When you've tried for as long as we have and have had as much disappointment as we've had, the thing that we lack is children, therefore, that's what it tends to be that I crave. I will say that this year the craving seems to be a little more in check because we've taken actually proper steps towards becoming parents. Assuming everything goes to plan, I have real hopes that by this time next year we'll be parents. That's my goal anyway.

What do you crave for? What have you craved in the past?


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junebug said...

Congrats you two!!! On the "Isn't that a coincidence" note: Last month marked our 9th anniversary, too. I think it means we are simple meant to be great friends. :-)

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