Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V is for Vocabulary - Wistfulgirl Style!

Vocabulary is the main part of how we communicate. In school, we're encouraged to expand our vocabulary and we do so with (usually) weekly vocabulary tests. It's considered a sign of intelligence to have a large vocabulary and this is something that I pride myself on having.

However, this post is not exactly about that kind of vocabulary. Because, in addition to the vocabulary our English and Reading teachers would be dancing around to know we have, we each also have our own vocabulary of words others don't really use. This is our own personal "language" if you will. This is a phenomenon common to twins, but is also something each person develops. So, for today's post, I thought I would introduce you to some of the Wistfulgirl vocabulary. This doesn't mean all of these are words that no one else uses, but simply that they are words or phrases I use commonly and often in a different way to others. I hope you enjoy this look into the weirdness that is me =D

  • bloody hell - Not an original statement - a very British one - but one that I picked up while in England and one I use very frequently.

  • boycotting a friendship (on boycott) - Statement of my intent to treat a friend the way I'm being treated by them by ignoring them. This doesn't happen often, but occassionally I get fed up with a friend who is all about talking and texting and then suddenly acts like I don't exist. Usually only takes one day of this for the friend to correct him/herself.

  • Bunny (or Bun) - An affectionate name for The Hubs. I'm not sure how it developed that this became my nickname for him, but it's been this for years and years (before we even got married).

  • cool-ala - (Pronounced with the beginning sounding like cool and the end like that of koala) An expression of excited approval.

  • freakin' - A derogatory expression used (frequently) as a description of something that is irritating me. Example: The freakin' office sent over the wrong demographics. Now I can't get hold of the freakin' patient to tell them about their freakin' appointment! (Yes, this is a true statement I use daily - I told you I used freakin' a lot!)

  • Hooker/Hooch - An affectionate name for my co-workers. Technically, I'm their boss and this could be construed as abuse, but they know it's not meant that way and they call me this as well. Now, aren't you all glad you're my friend? Lol!

  • Hot Snot! - An expression of alarm or dissatisfaction. Picked up from one of my co-workers.

  • inbetweener - An attached friend who is used by their single friend to flirt with while between relationships/dates whom the single friend promptly forgets about when a new love interest comes into the picture but whom the single friend expects to still be there and available to be flirted with (if not dated) when the single friend is once again single. Complicated description, I know, but I've been here a few times (currently am an inbetweener and not happy about it - if I'm your friend, don't ignore my existence while your dating your latest conquest).

  • loo - British name for the bathroom/restroom. I tend to use this name much more than either of the others because it sounds nicer, lol!

  • meep - An expression The Hubs and I use with one another. This word can be a noun, adjective, verb or adverb. It can be sweet, loving, scared, angry, indignant....it's very versatile, lol!

  • One day - The elusive future where things will be much better for us, we will have children, our own house, vehicles that run without problems, not having to worry about my fertility, plenty of money for paying bills, having the things we want and being able to go on really wonderful vacations. Yeah....

  • Parent-shaped objects - This kind of defines itself, but it is what I typically call my parents. Started when in my teens, it continues to dominate my internal description of them.

  • Pog - Our inside (and first together) dog. If I remember correctly (we've had her for almost 9 years), it stands for people dog because she tries to do "people" things. She tries to play the piano when she sees The Hubs doing it, she pulls the duvet/comforter over herself in bed, she lays back on pillows (she's not supposed to be on the bed, but try telling her that, lol)....she's very funny!

  • Really?! Really? - Said with the first really sounding questioning and the second really sounding more like a statement. An expression of disbelief, picked up from my co-worker (not the same one who says hot snot).

  • sprogling - Our word for the children we hope to one day have.

  • That's Gleetastic! - Very geeky expression I use to say how wonderful I find something. (Glee is an AWESOME show!!!! Don't hate!!)

  • The List - The wonderful, amazing list of names that The Hubs and I each have naming the people (all celebrity save one on my list) that we are allowed to - um, *throat clear* - you know with without it being considered cheating. Gotta love that list, even if it is all fantasy, lol!

  • you know what I mean - A phrase I use every single time I am telling someone a story about something. I never noticed I used it so often until my loving co-workers (Hookers!) pointed it out to me and it is now something that embarasses me and I can't now not notice. I'm trying to just embrace it, but that's coming slowly.

That's my vocabulary list for now. I know there are others I use frequently, but I can't think of them now. However, I have had such a great time writing this post (and laughed at myself more than a few times), I think I will update it periodically and repost to keep you up-to-date on the Wistfulgirl vocabulary. Maybe a weekly post? What do you think? No vocab tests, I promise!

you know what I mean


Susan Oloier said...

Very inventive words, for sure. My husband I have our own set of vocabulary, too. Nice to know there are others who invent vocabulary :-)

- said...

Hello Lynn. I am here from ICLW, read your first post about your history and your crazy cyst and gallbladder. OMG! You are so lucky they finally found it and I am glad that everything went as well as it did with the surgery. Very. Scary.
I like the A to Z Blogging Challenge and can't wait to read more of your posts.
Best of luck with your journey!

baygirl32 said...

I might have to borrow "hot snot"

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