Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for Two-Cents Worth

....and I'm asking for yours! I'm working on a project - the details of which I am keeping secret for now (when the time is right, I'll give you more info) - and I need your help. I need you to tell me your favourite Christmas/Wintertime Carol. It can be religious or secular. I just need to know, when the winter holidays come around, what song can you not wait to hear?

Second two-cents worth I'm asking for....if you were going on vacation (sadly, we're not, but we're thinking about something for the future), which of the following places would you recommend/most like to go? New York, Boston, Washington DC, Disney World, a cruise, Los Angeles....or somewhere else? I'm up for suggestions!

Have a great Easter weekend, my friends!


Kakunaa said...

For someone as pagan in their beliefs as I am, my love of gospel is rather amusing. It is all about the music. So, I suppose with that information it doesn't come as a surprise that my favorite song is religious. There are many that make me squeal with delight and giggles, others that are fun and I love, but one in particular that makes me shiver, gives me the chills, and that is "O Holy Night!".

randomdanni said...

Well, as a Boston girl myself, I must say I'm a little biased... Though you could always do NYC and Boston in one trip, they're only a couple hours apart!

junebug said...

I'm partial to Joy to the World.

I love cruises. We are planning on taking our next one in the Mediterranean. I hated Disney World which probably makes me unAmerican. I enjoyed D.C. and LA. We have lots of places on our list including Ireland, Poland, Costa Rica, Brazil, etc. We love traveling.

Ann said...

I love O Holy Night....The words just allow me to picture it and it brings tears to my eyes. I loved Disney World because the decorations were fabulous. However, NYC seems like the most "Christmas/Winter" place to be. Hope this helps:)

Lora said...

Hi from ICLW-
I would have to agree with Oh Holy Night on the Christmas song.
Disney World would be my number one choice. We went there for our honeymoon right after Christmas and it was amazing!

Cyndi said...

Picking one song is so difficult! I think one of my top ones is Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree. It just puts me in a good mood!

Seattle has been my favorite vacation spot. Such a beautiful city! Plus I love coffee so it was my dream.

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