Saturday, April 16, 2011

N is for Names

Names are so much a part of who we are. They are our very identity. I've seen several posts over the last few days devoted to different individuals names, so I decided I would dedicate my N post to names as well.

My full name is Vickie Lynn. My first name is a shortening of my mother's first name and my middle name begins with the same initial as my mom's middle name. For the first two weeks of my life, I was known as Vickie, but then my mom and dad decided I wasn't really a Vickie so I became Lynn. Which, I always was a Lynn and I've always since been a Vickie, but you get the point of what I mean.

On government forms, in school and in doctor's offices, I've always been Vickie. It's difficult because when I hear someone call me by Vickie, it often takes me a minute to realize they're speaking to me. Even with age, it still doesn't register usually.

The Hubs is, in one way, more fortunate than I with his name and, in another, less so. He does go by his first name (occassionally by a shortened version of it), however, he has four names (yes, four) plus his surname. I'm lucky in that I simply have my first and middle names, but The Hubs has his first name and three middle names.

The Hubs and I have talked through names many, many times (this sort of thing happens when you've been trying for a baby for over 7 years) and we decided that a first and middle name for our child is enough. We have names picked out that we'd like to use for our children: two names for boys and two names for girls. Hopefully one day we'll get the chance to use those names. One of the female names means "industrious assistant"; the other means "child of Maude who is like a bird" (Maude was my grandmother's name - this name wasn't chosen for that reason; it was just a nice coincidence that it meant that). For the boys, the first name means "comforting, long-lived twin" and the other means "jewelled gift from God". I won't post the actual names, so if you figure them out, please do not post the names.

What does your name mean? Do you like it? What does your spouse's/partner's/child's/sibling's name? If you have children, what name have you chosen for them and, if you don't have children, what name would you like to use for your child?


randomdanni said...

My birth name is Danielle Therese, which means "God is your judge" and "Harvester" respectively. My last name means "Pirate" so that's pretty cool.

It's funny because when I was born my parents said "she will never be called Danni" and that's what I've gone by for most of my life.

The only downside is my initials are DTF - which if you've ever seen SuperBad or Jersey Shore, then you'll know it means something not so nice...

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