Sunday, April 3, 2011

Adventures In Savannah

Since today is an off day for the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I thought I would take this quick minute to tell you about our night out in Savannah.

As I posted a couple of days ago, The Hubs, my friend Lady V and her friend E had plans to go to Savannah for a night out this weekend. These were very loose plans, without a lot of preparation going into them, which, for anyone who knows me, is totally and completely unlike me. I'm a planner. I plan EVERYTHING and I usually do it weeks, if not months, in advance. So we decided last night was going to be our night out. We did get a hotel because it would have been a two hour drive home, post partying and we didn't feel it would be very intelligent to do that. Also, it would have meant The Hubs would have had to be the designated driver and that really wouldn't have been a lot of fun for him, so we stayed over.

The original plan was to leave about 4pm on Saturday. This got pushed back until 5:30pm and it was actually 6pm when we left. This kind of last minute change makes me panic, so I was a little on edge when we left out. However, I calmed down quickly enough and we were on our way! E was coming from Jacksonville, Florida, so he was meeting us there.

We got to Savannah around 8pm and got checked in to our hotel, then Lady V and I hurried and got dressed and made up:

NIght Out
Ready for a night out!

When we were ready, The Hubs called a taxi to take us to our restaurant. We were told it would be 20 minutes before the taxi got there. So we waited. And waited. And waited. Finally about 40 minutes after we had originally called, we received a call from our driver stating he would be to us in about 7 to 10 minutes. So we continued waiting. 20 minutes later, he still had not arrived, so Lady V took my phone and called him. He stated he was nearly there and he did finally arrive about 10 minutes later.

We told him where we were going and he didn't know where the restaurant was. So we, the out-of-towners, had to direct him to the restaurant When we got there, the meter that had said $3 suddenly read $10! Not sure how that happened, but not a problem. Lady V paid for the taxi (I had paid for the hotel) and we went in to eat.

We had a fabulous meal at a lovely Greek restaurant (calimari and spanicopita to start, followed by Chicken and Mushroom Penne for me, Vegetarian Canneloni for Lady V, Lamb Shish Kabob for The Hubs and Beef Tenderloin Shish Kabob for E) and were getting ready to pay when Lady V suddenly discovered she was missing a $100 bill! She panicked thinking she had given our cabbie the wrong monetary amount and she grabbed my phone and called him back to ask. The cabbie was very, very rude to her, telling her he didn't have her money and a few other things and Lady V hung up. Within minutes, my phone rang. I answered, thinking perhaps he had realized she had given him the wrong money or that there had been some sort of mix up and, instead, I got a cab driver screaming at me "You want your money?! I'll give you your GD money! Meet me b*tch and I'll beat your f**king a**!" and on and on. I was actually very, very terrified!

I hung up the phone and explained to the others what had happened. About that time, the taxi we had called to pick us up from the restaurant and take us down to River Street called. In a panic, I explained to that driver what had happened and she came to pick us up and gave us the number to the city. In the meantime, she took the number to the other cab driver and called him to see what was going on and also took us back to the hotel to see if Lady V could locate her money there, having perhaps left it behind.

I will pause here to state the Lady V did not accuse the first cab driver of taking the money, but asked him if the mistake had happened. We were actually being very polite, if a little panicked, about the situation.

It turned out that Lady V, had left the money in the hotel and the new cab driver got some information from the previous driver and told us to report him. She thought she might know who he was, she said. Then she carried us on to River Street.

Well, turns out we're pretty sure she did know him since she took us way out of the way to get to River Street and charged us $46 for what should have been a $25 journey. We were pissed! But, we decided to try not to worry about it and to have a good time anyway. So we headed on down to River Street (she actually dropped us at the top of the stairs going down to River Street because it would have been an extra $5 to get down to the street).

Once we got onto River Street it seemed everything would be okay. We were getting ready to go into Wet Willie's when the next bit of bad news hit: I had forgotten my ID! Can you believe it?! I had been looking forward to that night out for at least a week and then forgot my flipping ID! Lady V had a solution though. She and E went in first and got drinks for him and me and returned back outside with those. Then she and The Hubs went in and got their drinks. I had ordered my first drink on the recommendation of the friend who had bailed on us, so I got a Cal-A-Cab. OMG! It tasted AWFUL, but it was effective in the alcohol department!! It was mixed with Golden Grain (almost pure alcohol), so I had a very good buzz going on by the time I had finished it. I went to the more traditional Wistfulgirl drink next and had a pina colada. That was all it took for me to be feeling good!

Since we were drinking outside, the air was helping to intoxicate me a little, I think. Whatever the case, I had only 2 drinks but I managed to be drunk. Probably a first for me (I'm not usually that much of a lightweight, even though I'm not usually much of a drinker either, lol). The fun thing was needing to use the restroom and having to have ID to get in anywhere. Fortunately, Lady V and I apparently look enough alike that her ID sufficed to get me in to use the restroom.

When we were on our second drinks, we decided to move from River Street to City Market, so we headed back up the stairs and over towards City Market. It had been very funny watching Lady V - who insisted on wearing stilettos - walk on the cobblestones on River Street. Halfway across to City Market, we had to stop (in Ellis Square) so that Lady V could rest her legs. We sat there, just drinking and laughing - generally having a good time, just the four of us - for about half an hour. Once we got to City Market, we decided we actually just wanted to head back to the hotel. It was about 2am at this point in time. So, we found another taxi.

This one was with a different company and we explained what had happened to us previously. This driver gave us the number to the City and the name of whom we would need to speak to and also lamented the trouble we'd had with us and apologized, despite the previous drivers not even being with the same company! When we got back to the hotel, the total for the ride was $24. Now that was a much better cab driver and who we'll use in the future!

We got into bed around 3am and were up and on the way home at 8am. We were some very tired folks, lol!

All in all, though, despite the problems we ran into, we had a good night out. Next time, we will either get a hotel near River Street/City Market or we will know the correct cab company to use! Oh, and I will not forget my ID again - because I still haven't gotten to go dancing!!

All good fun the life of a Wistfulgirl!


Kakunaa said...

Despite the drama it sounds like quite the fun evening and a good story to tell. And you look FABULOUS!

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