Saturday, April 2, 2011

B is for Belief

One of the most important and most basic things we can experience as human beings is belief. Belief exists in so many different forms. What for one person may be the epitome of ignorance or stupidity - a belief in astrology, God, feng shui, magic - for another person may be the single thing keeping them grounded and sane in this world.

I think it is so important that we have belief. What are we that we don't have something to look to for guidance and inspiration, whatever that may be. Belief certainly plays an enormous part in my life. If I had no belief in the hope that one day I'll be a mother, this whole journey would be irrelevant. In the estimation of some people my journey may be irrelevant anyway, but that in and of itself is, to me, irrelevant.

So, what is your belief? What do you put your hopes in? What thing keeps you from just throwing your hands up and saying "I give up"?

I know what my beliefs are and I'll be sharing more of those on these pages in future posts, but I'm very interested to know some of your beliefs.


Carly Nicole Elliotte My Micro Preemie said...

I believe in the Holy Trinity, God the Father, God The Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit. WIth out HIM in my life I'd crumble!


Giggle, Laugh, Cry said...

Just stopped by from the A-Z Challenge!!

Kristin said...

I have strong religious and moral beliefs. By practice and belief, I am a Lutheran. I follow the tenets of the church but, I hope I am open minded enough to explore others' beliefs and make my own decisions when I don't 100% agree with what the church teaches. I believe in choice for women, the right of everyone to marry, and minimalistic government. Ummm, anything else?

Olivia J. Herrell said...

Hi Lynn, I clicked over from the A to Z Challange, it's nice to meet you. Keep believing. Sometimes that's all we've got.

Great post, that rebel, Olivia

Manzanita said...

Right on. I believe in survival.
Wanna buy a duck

dannifoley said...

I don't know if this counts, but I'm sort of an optimist and I live on the belief that "Everything will be work itself out in the end" and that "everything happens for a reason".

This post made me think of this line from the movie Serenity: "I don't care what you believe in, just believe in it." It's a great line from the film, very emotional.

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