Thursday, April 26, 2012

W - We Are Young - .fun

This, as promised, is the third of my absolute favourite songs! In fact, it is my favourite song. I think it’s actually very appropriate for today, as we have just finished the first leg of our road trip to my graduation. This post is actually being written from Marion, Illinois tonight. We have discovered something very important about ourselves – we love road trips! We have traveled about 10 hours (or approximately 650 miles) today. We have only 390 miles left to our destination. This means that, money permitting, we hope to make a few more road trips to places we’ve wanted to visit. It’s going to open a whole new world for us, lol!


Karen Walker said...

Just bopping over from a-z challenge - hi there

Emily said...

I love road trips too! I love love this song! It really pumps me up!

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