Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q - Queen of Hearts - Juice Newton

Q was a difficult letter for me. I really struggled to think of a song beginning with Q, but finally I remember this one. While I wouldn't really call it one of my favourites, I don't mind it too much and my dad loved it, so that's enough for me.


Grammy said...

Hi, Little Gal, Have ya ever heard of "Que, Sera, Sera"? Doris Day... Whatever will be, will be. That is a good song that is well known (at least among us older people - which of course, you are not). I don't know if your Madonna song is the one I remember from long ago, "Papa don't preach to goes...Let my heart break if it must." It was sung many years ago, Maybe by Betty Hutton or some such singer, back in the 1950's. :)
Best regards to you. Ruby aka Grammy

Francene Stanley said...

I guess you remember your daddy playing the song and that brings back happy memories of the past. Blog on!

Lynn Proctor said...

great song :)

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