Thursday, April 26, 2012

V - Valentine - Martina McBride (Midweek Melody)

I've loved this song for many, many years. I hope you enjoy my version of it. Only a very short post tonight, as it's almost midnight and we have to be up extra early in the morning to start on the way to Iowa for my graduation! More tomorrow!

By the way, this is my 300th post! Not a bad way to make a 300th post, eh?


jjiraffe said...

Nice job!! You have a beautiful voice :) And congrats on 300 posts!

Gina said...

Wow! I liked it! I would never post myself singing. Not ever. Even if I were good, which I'm not. I admire you courage, well done!

From Diary of a Writer in Progress

Journaling Woman said...

Very pretty rendition.

Nice to meet you.


Emily said...

Congrats on 300 posts! Awesome job as always.

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