Monday, April 16, 2012

N - Night Moves - Bob Seger

I love this song! Just makes me happy and nostalgic (for a time before I was even born!).

In other news for today, you'll remember in my last post I was saying how I disliked my job lately and how I was applying for other jobs? Well, I got a call today and I have an interview for another job next Monday! I'm excited! It's in the field I'll be getting my degree in, so that will be a major plus. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!


Misha Gericke said...

Oh wow! I hope the job is what you're looking for and that if it is, you'll get it. :-D

DayDreamer said...

Just wanted to say I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Be great to have a job you enjoy rather than having to go in feeling like you'd rather not be there :)

Emily said...

Yea, classic awesome song. That is awesome you got an interview! Keeping everything crossed that it goes well!

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