Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Library Adventure

Obviously since we aren't currently doing any treatment or, in fact, anything to move forward with our family building at this time and there really seems to be nothing much happening of interest in my life, I have to find other things to entertain you with. To that end, I will regale you with my finds this evening at the library. I'm diligently working towards my goal of 100 books this year for Kristin's book challenge. I must admit, I went a bit crazy. I have no school for one whole week (WOO HOO!) and our library allows a two week check out time, so I figure maybe I can get some reading done, since I'm so far behind my goal. Here are my finds:

  1. Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris - I really enjoyed the Sookie Stackhouse novels a lot, so I figured I'd give another of her series a try. So far this one is pretty interesting (it's the book I started with). Premise? Heroine can sense where the remains of missing people are; helps find murderer or person at fault. Sounds like a winner to me!
  2. Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin - I've been wanting to read her books Something Blue and Something Borrowed for a while and I now have them on hold at the library, but for the moment I'll give this one a look-see. Two moms with little in common come together one night after a tragic accident.
  3. Wives Behaving Badly by Elizabeth Buchan - Sequel to Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman (which I'll admit I didn't realise and haven't yet read, but will read this one anyway). Former mistress, now wife, finding marriage difficult, particularly when the former wife makes things less than easy.
  4. The Ex-Debutante by Linda Francis Lee - Former Southern Deb turned Boston divorce attorney has to return home to help her multi-divorced mother with her latest marriage debacle and make sure the current debutante ball goes off without a hitch.
  5. Belong to Me by Marisa de los Santos - Self-styled devoted city dweller suddenly ups-sticks and heads for suburbia, meets her neighbor who endows all she feared from the 'burbs, then meets another neighbor who shares her passions in literature and movies and develops a lasting friendship.
  6. Prayers For Sale by Sandra Dallas - Two women who've led a life of hardship - one an older woman, one younger - come together and develop a strong bond of friendship that carries them through tough times.

So those are my selections for today. Also, in addition to the two Emily Giffin books, I've put the fourth novel in the Blue Bloods series, The Van Alen Legacy on hold. You've gotta love the library!

By the way, if anyone has read any of these books and has praise or criticism for them, please send it my way! If you're interested in knowing more about any of these novels when I've finished reading them, just ask and I'll tell! Tootles folks!


Alana said...

OOOhhhhh! I haven't read any of the books on your list, and they all sound intriguing! Hope you're enjoying summer. :)

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