Thursday, July 29, 2010

Post-Op RE Visit Review

I went yesterday for my post-op visit with the RE. Since I was feeling pretty good and having no problems, he did not do a physical exam. However, we did go over the findings, review my medical chart to date and make plans.

The findings of the D&C were not exactly what we were hoping for. While there were no cancerous cells present (thankfully), the endo.metrium did not present as expected. My RE explained that generally when he does a D&C there is a lot of tissue present when scraped (sorry to be so blunt), however, this was not the case with me. Despite the prescence of Complex Hyper.plasia, there was very little tissue scraped away. This leads him to theorize that I may be at a higher risk of developing endo.metrial cancer and we will need to be hypervigilant. Then we discussed treatment for the hyper.plasia, which I'll go over when I get to our plans.

The next part of the visit was reviewing my medical chart to date. Below is a list of the biggest ticket items:

  1. Complex Hyper.plasia - This is the biggest one for the moment. As discussed above, it is giving us some worries.
  2. Sleep Apnea - A problem, but one that is currently being taken care of with the use of a C-Pap machine and pulmonologist care.
  3. In.sulin Res.istance - Though we've known about this one for a while, when tested it seems that my IR is now worse than previously thought.
  4. Slight Thy.roid Condition - My TSH levels were all okay, but the thyroid anti-bodies were very high. This is something I will eventually go on medication for, but for now we're letting it ride a bit.
  5. Probable Blood Pressure Issues - Yup. Got to see my GP about this one and see what we can sort out. Yay - more meds! *sarcasm*
  6. Rheuma.tolgy Consult - This is another of those items that has been put on the back burner for now. I have pretty serious arthritis in my lower joints and carpal tunnel in my arms. I get gout flare ups pretty often as well. We'll look at this after we've put the hyper.plasia a little more to rest.
  7. Ann.ovulation - This is a biggie for me, but not one we'll worry about for the next three months.

Those are the things we're working against and I can't swear I haven't left anything out!

For the foreseeable future, though, our main concern is preventing the hyper.plasia from coming back/getting worse. Therefore, I have been put on a medication - Me.gace - every day for the next 3 months. This should prevent me from ovulating (as if I need help with that!) or having AF during this time period. At the end of 3 months, we'll do another Endo.metrial Bi.opsy to determine if things look okay or if my endo.metrium is once again hyper.plaisic. If things are clear, then we can move on to actual fertility treatment. But, if things still look bad, we'll have to step back and reconsider our plans to decide where to go from there.

I'm asking you all to say a little prayer for me. I really am hoping things are good when we do the second bi.opsy in a few months. In the meantime, The Hubs and I (okay, more me) are going to try to relax and try not to obsess about TTC so much, since we're in a holding pattern for now. I'm going to try to relax and focus on some other things that are going on in my life for now.

Who knows? Maybe I'll even succeed in doing that ;D


Kristin said...

Saying lots and lots of prayers for you. I hope the meds correct your issues.

Heather said...

Hey Lynn!

I just wanted to warn you from a nurse's perspective...we use megace to stimulate appetite! It works really well! So don't worry when the medicine makes you feel hungry!

Other than that, I'm glad you have a plan! Sending hugs!

Justina said...

Sounds like you have lots to work though but I'm glad you have a plan. I'll be thinking of you and hoping that all goes as it should.

Kelli said...

been thinking of you....and of course, you are in our prayers. :)

lowfatlady said...

I really really hope the medicine works and the second biopsy comes out ok. Scary stuff!

Jennifer said...

Lots of prayers for you! Hoping the meds do their job!

Alana said...

Catching up...

--WOW. You have so much on your plate...big prayers for you as you work towards treatment for the SEVEN things on your list. Bless your heart!

--Happy belated blogoversary and 100th post. Kudos to you! :)

--I have been negligent about calling for a SE Georgia Bloggers get together...please forgive me! Any chance of getting together in the next month?

tasivfer said...

Thinking of you! The up side is you know what you're up against now. How about imagining them all lined up like in a fun fair - and you with the gun to shoot them all down!

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