Wednesday, August 11, 2010

30-Day Blog Challenge - Day Three - Your Favorite Television Program

Today's 30-Day Blog Challenge theme is an easy one for me. It is "Your Favorite Television Program".

My current favorite television program, by far, is Glee. I just love the whole set-up! The music is great, the cast is fantastic and I loved show choir when I was in school, so this just brings back good memories for me. It really is fantastic and I am looking forward to next season (which starts in just over a month!!). I really hope Finn and Rachel stay together this time!

What's your favorite television program?


Kristin said...

Can I still be your friend if I admit I have never watched Glee?

Lynn said...

You certainly can, but I have to say you don't know what you're missing, chica!

Anonymous said...

I hope you won't be upset if I admit I watched the 1st episode of Gleen and didn't like it at all. But I still like you! My favourite television program is probably The West Wing. We have it on DVD and have watched all 7 series several times. Our usual routine after having an ER is to get home from hospital, have a nap, then watch The West Wing in bed.

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