Friday, August 20, 2010

30-Day Blog Challenge - Day Eleven - A Photo of You Recently

Sorry I missed yesterday's post....I had a very long day and when I got home, I just crashed. Anywho....

Today's 30-Day Blog Challenge theme is "A Photo of You Recently".

This is a really simple one. This photo is actually a couple of months old, but that's fairly recent, right?

Yes, I was holding the tripod over my head. I thought it would make a good shot.


The Hubs and I are planning to go to a Beach Barbeque celebration thing tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it, but I've been sick the last couple of days (think I may be getting a UTI....thought earlier it may be my appendix, but now the pain is not so bad), so we'll see. I'll update you with our activities tomorrow!


lowfatlady said...

I like that shot :) You look pretty. I always end up looking so weird when I try taking pictures of myself.

tasivfer said...

I think I've seen that photo before? I think it's a great photo! :-)

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