Thursday, December 31, 2009

Je parle francais!

(Cross-posted in En Francais, S'il Vous Plait)

Well, not exactly. Not yet anyway. It would be more accurate to say Je parle un peu francais. the end of 2010, I hope to be much more fluent than my current state. This is my resolution for 2010. Now, you may wonder why I chose this particular resolution when there were so many other things I could have chosen to do, so here's the explanation:

The other day, The Hubs and I were discussing how the last six Christmases have been spent away from his family (five of them with my family and the one prior to our move in early January 2006 from England to the States we didn't want to put our dog in the kennel because we didn't want her to pick up anything that would prevent her flying). Neither of us were thrilled that it had been so long, so we both thought it would be good if we could plan to spend Christmas 2010 in England! A lot of things have to change in order for us to accomplish this, but that's another matter altogether.

While discussing our Christmas 2010 plans, the conversation turned to how, despite having lived in England for 3 1/2 years, I had never ventured over the French border. We decided that, should the Christmas 2010 England visit come to fruition, we would make it a point to try to go to Paris for a couple of days between Christmas and New Year.

That's when the conversation turned to my French conversational skills. I did take two years of French in high school, but I'll be the first to admit my French is not very good (long story about how the teacher we had the first year was terrible to the point that all I learned was Bonjour, Au Revoir, how to French-braid the teacher's hair and how to play poker and she was forced to resign at the end of the year). So, I thought it made perfect sense to make regaining my minute amount of French and learning the language properly my resolution for 2010. I also thought creating this blog and committing to posting to it at least three (trois) times per week about my progress would aid in assuring I stayed with the project. Over time, my posts will begin to contain more and more French until the entire post is in French (at least that's what I hope!).

So, if you are a native French speaker or are fluent in French as a second or third language, please follow me! I need all the help I can get!

For the record, The Hubs does speak pretty good French and will be helping me over the year.

**And a final note to say goodbye to 2009! I'm very grateful I'll be carrying my friends with me into the new year. May you all have a safe, blessed and happy New Year!


Alana said...

What a cool resolution! Sorry, Yo hablo Espanol un poco, but I have NO info about French. Wishing you luck with your linguistic learning! :)

Ms B. Thrift said...

oooh what an exciting resolution, quite a challenge but a fun one so good luck sweetie (bon chance hehe!)I got a C in my GCSE French and although my vocab is ok my grammar is poor but tbh i think even if you just know a good selection of words you can miggle through, I found Paris manageable on my basic 1st year French :)! How exciting that you might be here for xmas 2010 i do hope so, it would be lovely for you and i hope we can get to see you again :):):)

Justina said...

That's something I thought about learning again in 2010 but decided I'd put it on the back burner for now. I used to know quite a bit and even had a french penpal at one point. But I haven't used it in so long that I forget all of it! I'll be following along with interest!

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