Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

It's Christmas Eve and I haven't yet written my letter to you. I've been a good girl (mostly) this year and I have a few things I'd like to ask for.

This last year has been terribly hard in several different ways. Firstly, The Hubs has been out of work the entire year and that has added stress. Secondly, infertility is kicking our butt. We thought we would surely be pregnant by Christmas once we started treatment, however, nothing has happened yet. And then, add in the almost adoption and I'm sure you can understand why I'm glad to see this year coming to a close.

This year has had some good things happen, though. The Hubs and I have grown much closer after some tough times. We've had some unexpected blessings this year to which we are ever thankful to the Lord. And I've started blogging again and this blog has become my saving grace. I've met some wonderful ladies who I couldn't imagine not having in my life now and I've seen their triumphs and their tragedies. I'm hoping the next year has more triumphs than tragedy for them.

So, onto my Christmas wish list (oh, and I don't have to get it all by Christmas Day!):

1. This year, I would like to see a positive HPT for the first time. It would be wonderful to finally experience the excitement of seeing those two pink lines!

2. I would like for The Hubs to find a job (sooner, rather than later) just to ease some of the pressure we're both feeling and so that we can move forward with our IF treatment.

3. I would like for The Hubs and I to be able to move from living next door to my family. While I love them dearly, I would really love to have some privacy and "us" time for The Hubs and I.

4. I would like for all my online friends to get their own BFP's in the coming year. It's so difficult for all of us to continually have disappointment and I want us all to have good news. Also, no baby losses for anyone. There've been quite enough of those.

5. I want 2010 to be a better year than 2009. I want to forget the difficulty this year has brought our way and look only to a positive future.

Thanks for reading this letter, Santa. I know I babbled my way through a lot of it and I know you're probably scratching your head wondering why you're receiving this, but, hey, it's Christmas, right? Miracles happen, or so they say!




lowfatlady said...

I hope all of the things on your list come true as well. *Sending you happy thoughts*

Stacie said...

Lynn, this is a great letter. (it's never too late to write to Santa!) May you get all of your wishes and more!

Here from ICLW.

A said...

Cute letter! I sure hope Santa can make good on all these wishes of yours!!!

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