Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Again....Ugh

It's Monday morning again. I'm not a Monday kind of girl. I really don't like starting out a new week. I should feel like its the start of something positive, but I just usually feel like its the start of another long 5 days until I have a weekend again.

I'm also a major grouch on Monday mornings. For example, this morning, while coming into the building dragging my heels and running slightly late (as usual for a Monday), I was acosted by some co-workers who were laughing and joking. My immediate reaction? Thought in my head: You people are entirely too happy for a Monday morning. Get away from me. Portrayed to said co-workers: A gritted teeth, fake smile that actually seemed to be taken as me being happy to see them and hear their laughter this early on a Monday morning. I must be a better actress than I give myself credit for.

So here we are again at the beginning of another week. I really do hope its a good news week. After the year The Hubs and I have been having, we could really do with something positive occurring. This weekend was not a good one (why do I look so forward to the weekends when they seem to disappoint me more often than not?). It started out pleasantly enough. The Hubs had a good job-hunting day on Friday, then on Saturday we slept in since normally I'm up at 6am. However, things started to take a dive on Saturday evening. We went outside to play with our dogs (in addition to Isabel who is an inside dog, we have a collie mother and 3 half-collie, half-beagle puppies outside) only to find that my dog (a sweet, loveable, adorable runt puppy who is so smart and completely stole my heart) had disappeared. Without a trace. We searched everywhere for him, but we still have found no sign of him.

As if that wasn't enough to set anyone's teeth (and heart) on edge, on Sunday we overslept and missed church. Then my brother (who has moved back in next door with my mother after the breakup of his FOURTH marriage - do I need to say more?) decided to blow up at me and threaten to hit me. And, of course, my mother (as usual) sided against me, saying I had provoked him (by asking if he had seen a pair of socks I had left at my mom's house - WTH?). I have no idea when she's ever going to make him grow up and face responsibility for his actions. So far for his entire life she has been making excuses for him and his outbursts. He's 43 years old and when he gets upset with anyone, he explodes and threatens (and often follows through) with hitting them. Then in rides our mother to the rescue to get him out of his latest bit of trouble. It truly is sickening sometimes. But, I digress.

So after an unappealing weekend, I should be quite happy to see Monday. Alas, I am not. So, I guess I should get this day underway.

One good thing about today? Its the kick-off to International Comment Leaving Week! Go get involved and visit some blogs! Spread the love! This is my first month and I'm hoping to become an Iron Commentor by visiting every participating blog.

Have a great (well, as good as it can be) Monday!


Justina said...

Ohh, I'm so sad to hear about your dog. That's so tough. I hope you find him, its like losing a member of the family!

And that's so rough when a member of your family isn't accountable for their actions. When they can just do whatever they want and they're defended. I have someone in my family like that too and it drives me crazy.

I'm with ya on the Monday thing. Even though I just work part time....Mondays are the worst!! I hope your week gets better for you!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is a bad day. I hope you find your dog and that things start to go your way.


Lavender Luz said...

May your dog find his way back to you. How awful! No wonder you're cranky today!

Good luck also to your husband on his job hunting.

Ms B. Thrift said...

Oh gosh Lynn i am so worried for your dog, you must be really concerned and bewildered as to where he is, I only hope he can make his way back or you find him, how awful, I have had this before with cats and it worries the hell out of you whilst they are missing.
I agree with your comments about your brother, thats not a nice way to be and i know you and you'd never deserve to be threatened like that, he needs to stop acting like such a bully and lashing out, its a wonder he hasn't gotten himself in to worst trouble before now with that temper, your Mum is not showing him love really by protecting him like that, it covers up his major issues he needs to tackle and that shouldn't be condoned.
Thank you for your lovely comments sweetie, I have to say we'd love to be able to come over and visit you guys one day, i know Matt is dying to see the US and I am all up for learning some Georgian cooking :)!

Kelli said...

Hello, Lynn! Nice to "meet" you!

Welcome to'll love it! Lots of new friends, great blogs to read...encouragement and advice and stories abound! It's such fun. :) You'll run across my blog in your quest to become an Iron Commenter...may you enjoy your stay.

BTW: I don't like morning people either!!

Hope your sweet dog comes home sad! Our pets are our babies, too, and that would devestate me.

And may your family situation improve...though if yours is like mine, there's little chance of that. Sigh. And good luck to your hubs on the job hunt. Fingers crossed!!

All the best to you! :)

Happy ICLW Week!

The Mrs. said...

I really hope you find your dog!!

It is nice to "meet" you through ICLW!

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Sorry that your weekend turned out so bad. And I really do hope you find your Puppy!!!

Its nice to meet you.. My name is Hannah.

Happy ICLW!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,
It's a pleasure to meet another chronic reader and dog lover...and cook! I really hope you find that little dog and your week starts looking better.

Happy ICLW Week and I pray that you have great day.

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