Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Busy, Busy

Today was a blisteringly busy day at work! I didn't even have a second to look at any blogs! (One might add that I shouldn't be looking at blogs at work anyway, but that is beside the point :D) Tomorrow will be equally as busy as I am stuck in training. I really dislike training courses, but I guess it will be okay. It'll be over soon enough anyway.

Positive news from today: The Hubs got a call back from the company he interviewed with on Friday! They want him to go in tomorrow for a pre-employment assessment and, assuming that goes well, his drug test! They'll also check his visa to verify his eligibility to work in the US (he's been here almost 4 years and had 2 jobs, so this shouldn't be a problem). So, as long as the assessment goes well, he'll be back in work soon (praying, please please please!).

If that is the case, then there will be some changes happening soon, but I will go into more detail when/if it becomes necessary.

Beyond that, it's been a fairly quiet day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a big news day!

Btw, for those who are interested, our puppy still hasn't turned up. We have his siblings and mom still and we have our Isabel, but our Teddy puppy is gone. I fear we won't see him again :(

Also on CD66 with no O or AF. The long cycle continues.


Kristin said...

Absolutely great news about the job for your hubby. Keeping my fingers crossed that all the last steps go off without a hitch.

Hope your training courses aren't too boring.


A said...

Awesome about the job for your hubby :) I'm so sorry about your puppy- how long has he been missing?

Astrid said...

Thanks for your comment, I'm excited about the hub's new job - sounds very promising. Hope he's been laying off the drugs! ;)

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