Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What a Day!

Although today has been Wednesday, it's felt like a Monday! That's not to say nothing good has happened, but just that it's been a hectic day.

Let me stop there for a minute, though, and give a shout out to all of you ICLWers! I hope you all enjoy your visit. If you want, feel free to take some time to look around. There is a lot of information about my journey in the links above.

Back to today. Work always feels crazy these days. I spent today working solely on writing 3 appeal letters to insurance companies over denials for stupid things that never should have been denied. It just feels like a waste to have to explain to an insurance company that they're stupid and that, if a patient has cancer and her Oncologist believes she needs chemo, then of course it's a necessary procedure! Really agitating to receive denials on such straight forward claims. Oh, well....that's my job, I guess.

Then at lunch, The Hubs had tried to leave his workplace to go get lunch and bring to my office. He managed to get about 100 yards down the road before his car shut off and refused to do anything. Either he has a dead battery or the alternator has gone out or some other ill-timed catastrophe has struck. And this comes on the heels of getting a flat tire on the same car last night! After work this evening we spent 3 hours trying to fix the problem all to no avail. I don't know about you, but that kind of failure really takes the wind right out of my sails.

That's where the day started to redeem itself. After a day of WTF? moments, The Hubs suggested we splurge on our diet a little and go for a meal at the Huddle House. There's nothing better for a bad mood than a greasy spoon diner! After some eggs and a waffle, I felt a lot better.

When we got home and I checked the mail, there was only more good news. Mel's book, Life From Scratch had finally arrived! I'm excited to read it!

More good news when my phone rang. I didn't get to it before it stopped ringing, but when I checked the missed calls, I had received a phone call from Kristin! I quickly called her back and we had a lovely hour long chat. I would have loved to talk to her longer, but I wanted to get this blog post sorted and get to bed before my alarm goes off in the morning. My back is still bothering me a bit, so going to take some meds and hit the hay soon!

For the final loveliness of the day, I'm typing this post on my new laptop! And it's purple! I'm very much in love with this new laptop.....and now The Hubs can play his computer games on the old laptop and we don't have to fight the one computer. I'm in Heaven!

Hope you all had a great Wednesday! TTFN!


Anonymous said...

What a day! I'm glad it's ended fairly well though. :-)

Kristin said...

I so thoroughly enjoyed talking to you Lynn. Can't wait until we get to talk again.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

So glad to hear that the day finally redeemed itself.

I think the best thing we have ever done for our marraige was to buy the netbook I use for surfing and blogging. :)

Summastarlet said...

Hello and Happy ICLW!!

Had great fun looking all over your blog and reading all about you!! Hooray for a new laptop! Mine is bright red! :)

Amanda said...

hi and happy ICLW!

Sounds like a great day in the end, which is the important part :) Enjoy that new laptop! Colors make them so much better for some reason.

Look forward to reading more!

Elizabeth said...

A purple laptop? Now that's a good way to wind down a hectic day. Love your shamrocked design! Too cute! :) Happy ICLW.

Rochelle said...

Yay for a new laptop! And you do not sound like you have a fun job. I think I'd come home every day feeling so disheartened by the entire health care system here.

Kakunaa said...

I hate days that start with random car trouble...but it's so wonderful that your day turned around! (Note; a cat is licking my hand AS I TYPE THIS). Yay for turn arounds :) Hope the back continues to improve!

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