Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Weekend Plans

The Hubs and I are headed off this morning to Savannah for our Valentine's weekend. What are our plans, you ask? Well, we're going shopping. I know - so not-romantic - but we have to finish our shopping for Vegas and this is a prime opportunity to do so. We will shop today and tomorrow we'll probably go down to River Street and have some fun.

I'm trying not to get/be depressed this weekend. AF is due any day now and it's just one more reminder how far we are from being parents. I know the paths we need to take, but, right now, I don't see how we can clear the rubble in the middle of those paths so that we can move on. I'm starting on the clearing of one of these paths and the other I will begin clearing upon our return from Vegas. And, cryptic though that may seem, I'll explain in more detail in my next post.

I will try to blog from Savannah, but if I don't get an opportunity to do so, I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's weekend!! What are your plans this weekend?


Kakunaa said...

Have fun! Can't wait to hear more when you get back.

Alana said...

Congrats on winning Kristin's CSN giveaway!

Hope you and hubby had a great weekend get away and you were able to enjoy your time together!

Rochelle said...

Hope you had a wonderful evening and I can't wait for you to expand on what's to come in clearing these paths.

tasivfer said...

I hope you post some photos of Savannah!!! I spent Valentine's day sick with a summer cold. :-(

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