Friday, February 18, 2011

My Poorly Back and Savannah Trip Follow-Up

So, today has been an interesting day. I woke up this morning and got ready for work. Got my handbag and slung it over my shoulder, slung my jacket over my arm, picked up my breakfast and went to give The Hubs a goodbye kiss. Leaned over to kiss him when something in my lower back went POP! and the next thing I knew my back was spasming! I couldn't move! I told The Hubs in a panic and near tears "I'm paralyzed!". I couldn't move my legs and my arms and legs were trembling with pain. I called into work and The Hubs helped me get into his car and took me into work with him to see my doctor (he works at our doctor's office).

Turns out I have a strained muscle in my back. I was given a shot of muscle relaxer (thank God for muscle relaxers!) and a prescription for Flexeril, Lortab and Toradol. She (my doctor) also told me to rest for the next couple of days. So that's what I'm trying to do, but needed to sit up for a bit, so thought I would blog while doing that.

Now that I've told you my pain story, let me give you an update of our weekend in Savannah! We finished up our shopping for Vegas and got some fantastic buys! The Hubs went to Dillards and got 6 shirts and 3 pairs of trousers for $160!! At Dillards!! And they were nice items of clothing - all Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis and Roundtree and Yorke. I was hugely impressed with our luck there.

After the Dillards spree, we moved on to Old Navy. I love Old Navy, if I haven't mentioned that before. They have such great buys! I got 3 tank tops and 2 pairs of yoga pants for exercising, 2 sweaters and camisole sets, a pair of tennis shoes, a gym bag, a Snoopy water bottle for The Hubs and a pair of St. Paddy's Day boxers for The Hubs all for $140!

Our sale luck seemed to run out there, though. Our next stop was at Torrid for me to find a few items for Vegas that I liked. I got a pair of black skinny jeans (I said I'd never wear them but, I have to say, when The Hubs convinced me to try them on even I have to say I looked HOT in them :D), a pair of black capri pants, a purple dress, a blue top and a hat The Hubs thought looked cute on me. The total sum of that little lot? $205. I nearly had a heart attack, but it was a tax-time splurge and it's not something we do everyday, so The Hubs encouraged me not to worry about it.

We then moved onto Ashley Stewart, where I splurged some more. There I purchased an abstract patterned shirt, a blue and white top (which I have to say - not being smug but - this top looks better on me than on this model), a navy blue silk jacket (which they don't seem to have on the website - weird) and a pair of gray trousers. I spent another $150 there.

That concluded our shopping spree and we went back to the hotel. The Hubs wasn't feeling very well so we decided to rest for a bit before going out for dinner. We hadn't made dinner reservations anywhere, so we wound up eating at Longhorn Steakhouse but it was very nice anyway.

On Sunday we got up and checked out of our hotel before heading to breakfast at Starbucks. While there, we finished writing out the Valentines's surprise my boss was giving her fiance (yes, you read that right, she had me write her Valentines) and emailing it through to her. Near the end of our time there, The Hubs started getting a chill. By the time we got out to the car, he was full-blown shaking with cold - harder than I've ever seen him shiver before. His teeth were chattering so hard I thought they may break. I got him in the car in the sunlight, put his jacket on him, wrapped both my jacket and my fleece around him and turned the heat on. We sat there for about 30 minutes until the chill went away. He felt okay after that and insisted we go on down to River Street. So off we headed.

When we got to River Street, we both decided we didn't want to stay very long because The Hubs still wasn't feeling great and I was tired from the day before. We had a wander and looked in some of the shops and walked along the river border. I found a gift for my Secret Pal from last month (found the gift for this month's pal at the mall the previous day) and, after a leisurely stroll, we decided we didn't really want to eat at any of the restaurants on River Street but could really go for Carrabas. We got to Carrabas and were seated within minutes, ordered shortly after that and food arrived about 5 minutes later. Quickest service we've had in a very long time and the food was awesome! After that, we headed home. We didn't accomplish everything we had planned, but all-in-all it was a great trip. We only live a couple of hours away, so we can go back pretty much anytime we like.

In other news, The Hubs and I finally joined the gym on Tuesday of this week and I also joined Weight Watchers Online. I've been doing really well following my points on Weight Watchers and we had a great workout at the gym Wednesday night. We were supposed to go work out tonight, but I guess my back had other plans. Oh, well. I'll get back to it as soon as my back allows!

Ttyl bloggy loves!


Kristin said...

I hope your hubs is feeling much better. Sounds like a great trip despite that blip.

Hey, I got your email and keep meaning to type out an answer. I'm not ignoring you but I've had a few computer issues and a case of the blogging blahs. Can you shoot me your number and I'll give you a call?

Anonymous said...

Ouch - I hope your back starts cooperating! Sounds like a lovely break - but photos?!?

SurlyMama said...

Stopping by for ICLW. Sounds like you had a good trip. Sorry about your back. Saw we have a lot of things in common other than TTC. I also do a lot of crafting (have 2 etsy stores), reading, and like to write. Good Luck on you journey.

Kate Bentley said...

Ouch! That back sounds nasty! Hope the painkillers work and you get back to normality as quickly as possible. Congrats on the gym/weightwatchers - I have been on a fitness splurge and I do feel better for it - the hardest thing is finding my kit - once it is on - there is no excuse.

Over here from IComLeavWe and enjoying your very green blog!


Miriam said...

I hope you back is feeling better! That trip sounds fun.

ICLW #61

Kakunaa said...

I am a fan of flexeril - bedrest makes my back horrendous, and with that I stand a chance of relaxing enough to sleep. I know you're back to work, but I hope you are still resting.

And what a fun shopping trip!

Erin said...

Hi Lynn, I'm here from ICLW. I also have done Weight Watchers Online, and it's the only thing that ever worked for me. Of course this was on the old plan, the new plan threw me for a loop and I haven't had time to really learn it, but I'll get there. In the meantime I'm 20 lbs AWESOME shopping spree, have AN AMAZING time in Vegas, we go there quite often being close (utah) and it's our fave.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Ugh... I really hope that your back is feeling better! It sounds like you got some great retail therapy in tho...


Jenni said...

Wow! Talk about a shopping spree! it sounds like you had a great time in Savannah. I'm sorry about your back, and I hope that you feel much better in a day or two.

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