Thursday, February 17, 2011

March 2011 Secret Pal Sign-Up

It's time to open sign-up for the March 2011 Secret Pals. For all of you participating in the February Secret Pals, I hope you're enjoying your month so far!

Here are the instructions:

1. You sign up by filling out this form. Sign up will be open until February 26, 2010.

2. By February 28th, I'll send out your Secret Pal name!

3. On March 1st, the fun commences! You'll visit your secret pals blog (if you already visit - great! If not - you find a new blog! It's a win/win situation) frequently throughout the month, send them an email if they have good news, bad news or just need some support and sometime during month, you'll send them a gift to their home. The gift doesn't need to be anything huge, just a little something to say you're thinking of them.

4. On March 31st, we'll reveal our secret pals!

5. Sign-up for April will open between March 15th and 17th.

I haven't yet made a link button for March because I have been super, super busy! I will try to have one up over the weekend, but I make no promises!

I will also try to come back in a little bit and update you regarding our trip to Savannah and what I've been up to this week :D Have a fabulous afternoon!


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