Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Home Alone

I've been home alone today. Why, you ask? Well, I was supposed to be at work today, but my body had other plans. I woke up this morning with a very sore throat, a painful chest, an upset stomach and running a fever. Not a good combination for work. So, I called in and The Hubs left me to head on in to his own workplace. He did come home for lunch and brought me a bite to eat, but then he had to go back to work. He's actually on his way home now.

What have I done with my day? Well, I've slept a lot. I've played online a bit. I started a new blog - one that is okay for real life family and friends to follow (I really don't want my school friends or family members reading about what's happening with my uterus, thank you very much). And now I'm writing a post on here. After this, I think I will try to crochet for a little bit before heading back to bed. I still feel no better than I did this morning and, while my fever had gone away earlier, it's now back with a vengeance.

We've had a rather sad week in the Wistful household. One of my mom's chihuahuas went missing the other day. He is the newest chihuahua (born earlier this year), but he was extremely active and hyper. He was let out to use the restroom on Sunday night, however, our dog Melly (the beagle hound who lives outside - she has a fenced in area) is in heat and there were several other large male dogs around. Merlin (the chihuahua) ran off with them and he hasn't returned. My mom thinks he may have been killed by the other dogs, but I'm hoping someone saw him and took him in. I'd much prefer he be with someone else than to think he was dead. I love that dog a lot!

Anyway, as I said, it's been a downer week at our house. I work a half day tomorrow and then I have a doctors appointment with the endocrinologist. My blood sugar is staying too high, so I have to go and see what she thinks I should do. Pray she doesn't stick me on insulin injections! I really don't want to have to do that.

We're supposed to attend a New Year's Eve party at The Hubs' boss' house Friday night, but if I'm still feeling this poorly, we may have to give it a pass. What are your plans for New Year's Eve?



Kakunaa said...

Aww :( Feel better! As for NYE, we have no TV, well, connection to stations, so no fireworks. If I make it to midnight, then a miracle has occurred, LOL. I am such an old lady, LOL. Good luck at the doc - hope insulin injections aren't in your future!

Alana said...

Sorry to hear your Mom's dog is still missing.

Kudos to you for starting a new blog! I've been trying to decide if I want to start a separate IF issues blog....I have family who have access to my current blog, as I didn't originally intend for it to have the content it does. Sighs.

Feel better!

Rochelle said...

I sure hope that your mom's dog shows up soon! I'm home sick today too, well at least this first half of the day, but I'm feeling better now that I got a full night's sleep thanks to Nyquil. I've also debated starting a separate blog since sooooo many people I know read mine and as we get more and more ready to seek medical help, I know it will quickly fill with things my dad might not care to read (more than it is now). Good luck at your appointment and hopefully no insulin injections!

Stefanie said...

May you have a Fabulous New Year!

runnyyolk said...

Just wanted to say hi! And we aren't doing anything tonight. I'm happy that way :)

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