Monday, December 20, 2010

December ICLW

I know I'm technically a day early with this post, but I decided I'd go ahead and get it posted so it would be ready first thing in the morning.

Welcome to all ICLWers! My name is Lynn, I'm 32 and married to a great guy (referred to on here as The Hubs). We've been TTCing for 7 years, but so far nada. I suffer from PCOS, lost my right tube to an enormous ovarian cyst 4 years ago and, in the last year, have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, diabetes, hypothyroidism and complex I have recently (last week) been given the all clear on the front and, so, The Hubs and I will hopefully be officially starting fertility treatment in January (we've been seeing our RE for 8 months and, prior to our referral, took 4 rounds of Cl.omid and a round of Fema.ra with my OB/GYN).

On a positive note, it seems The Hubs is in stupendous condition and should have no problems fathering a child, assuming my body decides to work semi-correctly =D Also in the column of good news, The Hubs finally did it! He told his parents this past weekend that we are going to be undergoing fertility treatment! This may not sound like such a huge deal to you, however, in the seven years we've been trying, his family have never been aware. Therefore, I'm pretty darn excited about his accomplishment.

A bit about me? I love to read, crafty projects (particularly crocheting and scrapbooking), Glee, singing, dancing and spending time with The Hubs and our dogs. I'm currently in school working on my bachelor's degree in Social Sciences with a concentration in education - I'm hoping to be a teacher in a couple of years. I'm about half-way through my degree and I currently have a 3.94 GPA. I'm very proud of this, if you couldn't tell ;D

I truly adore my blogging buddies and I'm interested in meeting new friends, so please be sure to leave me a comment! Also, I'm starting to plan my reading list for next year, so if you have a suggestions of great books (I love thrillers, fantasy and drama, such as Jodi Picoult, Nicholas Sparks and Barbara Delinsky, but I'm always open to new books!), please feel free to leave them in the comments section! TTFN!


Erica said...

Hi! Here from ICLW, I also suffer from PCOS. It is great that you are seeking treatment, we held off for longer than I would have liked, but once we got past the oral drugs (Clomid, Femara) things started to work correctly...I wish you the best of luck!

Lavender Luz said...

Congrats on that fantastic GPA!

Your sweet comment really made my day today. Thank your husband for me (and thank you, too!).

My top pick for a book? Mel's "Life from Scratch!" I hope you'll join the book tour I'm hosting. And spread the word, you bookster, you.

Wonder Woman said...

Oo! Your GPA is FAB! If i were you i'd frame my transcript! lol Good luck with your treatments. We just told our families as was scary for me. (didn't want people to know i was broken) Sounds silly now in retrospect.

The C's said...

First time here from ICLW week.
Love the blog template/design~ so festive!
I have also been Dx w/PCOS on TTC #1, now TTC #2 (new R/E) says, "maybe or maybe not"? And I have been Dx this past year w/Hyperthyroidism.
So many Dx's!
Looking forward to following your journey.
The Cs
#78 ICLW

Rochelle said...

This is my first time participating in the ICLW and I am loving all the great new blogs I'm discovering. I totally understand how great it is that your husband finally told your parents. It's (only) been 3 and a half years here but my in-laws still don't know and my MIL makes a lot of hurtful/uncomfortable comments that I don't think she'd make if she only knew. Nice to "meet" you and I am so looking forward to the secret pal fun!!

Sarah S said...

Here from ICLW!!

I love all the blogs that ICLW has shown me!!

I wish you all the best with your next step, I hope that 2011 is the year that brings you joy and happiness!!

Happy Holidays and Happy ICLW

Kathleen said...

stopping by from iclw (#100). i hope your fertility treatments net year will bring you a beautiful bundle of joy. happy holidays and best wishes.

Krista said...

Just wanted you to know that I stopped by (ICLW #13!) I wish you all the luck in 2011! May this year be the year your drams come true!

jjiraffe said...

Thanks for the lovely words on my blog! I'm wishing you much luck in 2011 with your treatments and congrats on your stellar GPA! I second the recommendation of Mel's book, "Life from Scratch", it's really wonderful and fun. I look forward to following your blog :)

Jem said...

You should be proud of your GPA!

~Jem (ICLW#5)

Miss Ruby said...

Congrats on your GPA!!

I have to say I'm a latecomer but am now a fully fledged Gleek!!

~Happy ICLW~
♥ May your New Year be filled with Hope
And remember in 2011 to....
♥ take risks regularly and love hard & without fear
♥ cry frequently but laugh daily

Kim said...

Hi, stopping by for ICLW. Best wishes and luck to you on your journey to start your family. You've had along journey so far. I hope 2011 is your year!! I love to read too. I read Dean Koontz, Nichloas Sparks and (although it is a child's book) just started to get into the Golden Compass books.
ICLW #69

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