Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kids Gone Wild

Looks like this week will be slower than initially thought. Monkey was supposed to have speech therapy two days this week, but we had a call from the therapist to state that the authorization from his insurance has run out and she has to resubmit it. Until we get that approval through, we can't schedule any more visits. So, I'm working with him at home on his speech.

I really hope the kids are calmer today. Yesterday was a hard day. It seemed like every single thing I told them went in one ear and out the other. We have very few rules, but one of those is to ask before you take and/or do something. So, when I came out of my room from having a shower and discovered that Prissy was on my phone and was having The Dude get her a glass of chocolate milk (which he had spilled all over my counter) - none of which had anyone asked about - I was a little miffed. I took my phone off Prissy, cleaned up the milk and sent all four of them outside to play (we were having a fairly cool summer day in Georgia - only 85 degrees). Five minutes later, Princess came and asked "can we come back in now?" I told her no and sent her back out. Five minutes after that, Prissy came in and went to the restroom. When she finished, she snuck into her room. I went to see what she was doing only to find her settling down for a nap. After getting her up and sending her back out, I thought I might be able to get a little housework done in peace. About 10 minutes later, Prissy came in to tell me that The Dude had used a water gun to spray down the windows of my van with dirty water. Monkey had, in the meantime, gotten out his Power Wheels Jeep, which was in desperate need of cleaning and was running into the van and the house with it.

The Hubs got home around that time and he set The Dude to washing the van. Prissy went to pout on the swingset. Princess was warned off helping The Dude with the threat of time-out. Monkey was gotten out of his jeep and put in the bathtub to wash the grime from the jeep off of him. And I went back to making dinner.

I was so ready for bedtime to get here! I'm really hoping today is better. Otherwise, I may pull my hair out!! May your day be a good one!


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