Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Interesting Phone Call

I received an interesting phone call yesterday. It was from Monkey's birthmom's boyfriend's mother. She wanted to let me know Monkey's bio sister had been born and to express her concerns about the baby's safety. She also had some questions about why Monkey was placed in foster care.

Without going into details, Monkey's birthmom had told her boyfriend's mother that the reason Monkey was put into foster care was completely innocent reasons and an unfair and illegal placement. She also failed to tell her that she voluntarily gave up her rights to Monkey. And that Monkey at 22 1/2 months old only weighed 18 pounds when he came to us. Basically, her version was that she was completely innocent and her child was ripped away from her for no reason.

This was simply not true. There were some serious neglect issues behind Monkey's placement.

I explained some of this to the boyfriend's mother - what I could at least without violating privacy issues. I basically told her if she had concerns that she should report it to her local Child Protective Services. As much as I have my own concerns, I have seen nothing with my own eyes. I only have hearsay knowledge. She, on the other hand, has witnessed the things she has concerns about. Therefore, she will need to report it herself.

I'm not sure what will happen with the whole situation, but I hope they find the best living situation for that child. She deserves a good life.


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