Thursday, July 3, 2014

July Fourth Prep

I have no huge plans for today, but I do have a few things I need to get done. First off, I need to finish purchasing the materials for our Fourth of July meal. I've already purchsed the steaks and hot dogs we'll be grilling. Today I need to get potatoes to bake and salad. After that, I need to clean house and then I have some peas to shell. I actually like shelling peas, so that will be fun.

I plan to go ahead and get head to the supermarket before the kids get up. My mom will watch them while I'm gone to the store. It'll be a pleasant break to head out by myself. Of course, I'll also be glad to get back to them after I've finished my shopping but it is nice to have a small break. But....I do have to make it out of the house before they wake up first!!

It'll be good to have The Hubs home for an extra day this weekend! I can't wait to go with him and the kids tomorrow night to see the fireworks. It's always my favourite part of July 4th and it's been our custom for the last 8 years to go see the fireworks at the same venue. So much fun!

Guess I'd better get going. Time to get one more cup of coffee, finish watching the rerun of Charmed I'm watching and get a shower to get ready to head out. Have a great day!


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