Monday, May 2, 2011

Treatment Thoughts

I bet you thought I would be avoiding you now that the Blogging A to Z April Challenge is over, right? Not so! I'm not all that fickle!

The Hubs and I have been talking and thinking a lot over the last month about what our options are in regard to becoming parents. We still want to pursue fertility treatment and we are looking at changing RE's. I'm aware my weight is an issue and I am working on that. However, neither The Hubs nor I feel our RE is supportive or willing to work toward the best options for us. He is really pushing gastric bypass surgery and, at this point in time, that is not something I'm willing to consider.

Before we definitely change RE's and continue with different options, though, I feel we need to know if continuing is actually in our best interest. The Hubs and I have discussed our individual thoughts before on what treatment we were willing to undergo and we have both expressed the opinion that we (at this time) don't feel IVF is the best route for us. We're both very aware that the success rate with IVF is only 35% and we know what our finances will allow. With IVF and adoption being of a similar cost but with more of a guarantee with adoption, we think, if it becomes a choice, adoption will be the road we choose. We want to do adoption anyway, so this was really an easy choice for us. In the meantime, though, we want to know if treatment is even a possibility for us. So far, my RE has not ordered an HSG to see if my one remaining tube is open and he has stated he will not order one until I have lost weight. I'm no expert, but this seems like more time wasting to me. Therefore, I think I'm going to see my regular OB/GYN and see if he will order one. At least then I would know if treatment was a viable option for us.

Now I need some help from you! Anyone who is in Georgia, I would like to know what RE you used and what your thoughts on them are. Would you recommend them? Or would you warn against them? If you don't want to put your thoughts in my comments area, you can email me with them.

Thanks so much for your help!


tasivfer said...

Stepping back and thinking through your options is SUCH a smart thing to do! :-)

Cyndi said...

It's really unfortunate how common it is to see uncooperative or supportive doctors! Good luck, and hope you find a great new doc!

modernmedicinemiracle said...

I'm in Coastal GA, and seeing the RE's at GCRM in Savannah at St. Joseph's Candler. So far I have been pretty pleased with the experience there, they've been able to get us in quickly and are open 7 days a week.

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