Wednesday, May 11, 2011

To The Doctor We Go

I have a visit scheduled with Dr. O tomorrow. I'm not really looking forward to it because I know it will just be more of the same. He won't be happy with the amount of weight I've lost (which, to be honest, isn't much....despite Adipex and walking 2 miles every day) and will push for gastric bypass, which I'm not going to do. I'm just not. I've thought about it, I've considered it, I've talked to several people who've had it done and they've all said "Uh-uh. Don't do it. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn't do it."

I don't even think I want to undergo lap-band surgery. Although I've gotten more positive feedback on that procedure, the end-all and be-all of it is I don't do well with surgery, my insurance won't cover it and neither The Hubs nor I want me to have it done. So, I think I'm going in tomorrow with an ultimatum for my RE: either you work with me on helping me get pregnant the way I am (I will continue with Adipex, trying to eat right and walking daily) or I find another RE.

The Hubs and I are still discussing adoption (again) and trying to work out the kinks of life so that we can get started with this. I know this will be a pathway for us at some point of our journey, I just don't know if that's now or in the future. We're still wanting to explore our TTC options and go from there.

Right now I just feel extremely frustrated and sick when thinking about the RE. I get so upset and he gets upset with me when I go in to see him because my blood pressure usually registers high in his office. He then argues with me that I need to see my regular GP to get put on medication for my blood pressure, but when I see my GP, my blood pressure is normal! They won't put me on medication because it's not high! I'm convinced that the reason my blood pressure is high in his office is because I get angry thinking about him and the visit. Really not a good situation.

I'm sorry, I'm venting today. It does feel good to get it off my chest. I want to change RE's but I'm hesitant to do so. I don't really know why either. I'm just not sure what to do. However, if he doesn't give me some better information tomorrow, I'm going to definitely be looking into changing RE's.


Wonder Woman said...

MY sister had gastric bypass because she was having miscarriage after miscarriage up to 6 per year and the doctor said it was her weight.Very early miscarriages. Plus her cycles were irregular and she wasnt always ovulating. She is 5'2" and weighed almost 300 pounds if not over. She just could not develop the discipline to lose THAT MUCH weight. So she had the surgery. She lost 100 pounds and got pregnant before one year was up. She's had the baby now (baby is 4motnhs) and is still in great shape weight only about 160. So on those levels she loves that she had the surgery.

On the down side she doesnt have the money to remove all of the skin so she is very self conscious about some of the sagging skin on her arms and stomach. Thats a definite thumbs down about losing weight so quickly. she also lost a lot of hair after she had the surgery, because even though she took lots of supplements....the lack of nutrients is a shock to the system. But her hair has come back now.

I definitely say that if you dont want to don't do it because it's non reversible and it is major surgery and there are some serious drawbacks. But i just wanted to share my sisters story anyway.

Trisha said...

I hated our RE in Florida too...I know I have told you that before. UGH! I don't know why doctors will not just LISTEN to us! I know I have said this before too...but, I got pregnant with Trent at one of my heaviest weights...323 lbs. I gained up to 332 after he was born and died. I had lab-band and lost about 60 lbs (before i got pregnant). I lost the 90 lbs after Trent because of the grief and spent SO much time in the gym. Do what your heart says!!!!!! Don't let one doctor crush your dreams of becoming a mom!

Auto Title Loans said...

Adoption isn't a bad choice- I'm adopted! I am truly blessed to have two wonderful parents that have given me a second chance at life.
And my mom is the same way, except her blood pressure is high, so she's on medication. She's losing the weight by dancing, actually: Jazzercise, Zumba, and even a Wii! Do you have one? If not, get one- it's cheaper than a program and the Wii Fit does wonders she says!

Kristin said...

I think your RE is an ass and you are doing a fabulous job with getting yourself fit. {{{Hugs}}}

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