Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mailbox Stalking

I confess. I have become a mailbox stalker.

Why has my mailbox garnered such lavish attention this week? You would think I was waiting on a greeting card or a gift, a parcel or maybe a check. Pehaps you might even think it's a bill I'm waiting on. But no.

No, the correspondence that I happen to be looking for is our invite to IMPACT training. We haven't been told to expect the invite this week. We were just told that the classes would be in the New Year. Soooooo.....I'm thinking we might be able to expect an invite anytime now.

Maybe I'm just wishful thinking.

The Hubs seems to think we'll receive a phone call for our invite. I explained to him that, since our invite to orientation came via mail, I expect our invite to IMPACT training to come via mail, as well.

Who knows which one of us will be right. But, for the time being, I will continue to stalk our mailbox in the hopes of finding that much-anticipated invite waiting for us.


Gem said...

fingers crossed the mailman delivers VERY soon x

randomdanni said...

Aww! Good luck! But may I also say that I have the funniest image in my head of you sitting on a set of front steps, pretneding to read a newspaper but really just watching your mailbox? And then you're mailbox turns to one of his lawn ornament friends and says, "Am I crazy or is that lady watching me?" and the lawn ornament says, "Nope, she's definitely watching you. Danni is the crazy one who thinks mailboxes and lawn ornaments talk..."

junebug said...

They sure are taking their bloody time!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed the process will pick up speed soon.

Emily said...

I hope you get your letter soon!

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