Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fruit Basket Volume Three

Sorry for my absence over the last few days. I have not been a well person.

I started feeling ill on Saturday - my stomach was hurting. On Sunday, I developed a slight upset stomach. On Monday, it was bad. It was very bad. So bad, in fact, that I called into work. Tuesday it was a little better and I went into work on Tuesday morning. But, by lunch, I was not feeling at all well again, so I came home. Today has been a little better again, but still not 100% as I should feel. I'm hoping I continue feeling better very soon. I do not like being sick, particularly with a stomach virus.


I have a special request for your thoughts and/or prayers for the family of a real-life friend of mine. I went to school with this friend and she and I were very good friends during school. She and her older sister both rode my mom's schoolbus all through school (have I ever mentioned that my mom drove a schoolbus for 25 years?) and they've always been really close to our family. Well, her sister had been told for the last 15 years that she would never be able to have a child. She had come to terms with this and was actually okay with it - or at least as okay as you can be with this. Fast forward 15 years and, lo and behold, she found out she was pregnant!

Her pregnancy was proceeding just fine and she was 8 months along without any complications. Yesterday (Tuesday) morning, something just didn't feel right for her and she started having some pain. She went to ER around 3:30am and they did an ultrasound. They determined the baby was no longer living and they had to perform an emergency c-section. She had suffered a placental abruption.

As if this was not a horrible enough situation, losing their longed-for little one (a boy), at 10am yesterday morning, their dad suffered a massive heart attack and passed away as well. So, in the space of a morning, they lost a baby and their dad.

I'm asking that all of you please take a moment and say a prayer or send out a thought for them. Although I know what it's like to be unable to have a child, I've never lost one. I do, however, know how gut-wrenching it is to lose your dad. I can't imagine having to go through both of these things at one time. My heart breaks for them.


The Hubs and I are going to start our yearly movie viewing this weekend. So far we've not been to the cinema this year, but we're going on Saturday night with my mom to see Extremely Bright and Incredibly Loud. I'm excited! I've been really looking forward to seeing the film. My mom starts her vacation on Saturday, so we all thought it would be nice for her to go with us since the last time she went to the cinema was when she went with us in 2005 to see Wedding Crashers. We're going out to eat beforehand and then heading off to the movie. Can't wait!


I know I've missed Wordless Wednesday for the past couple of weeks. I forgot it last week and this week I just haven't felt well enough for photo taking. Hopefully, I'll be back to it next week and have a great photo for you!


Kristin said...

Oh Lynn, my heart is breaking for your friend's sister and it seems totally unfair that they have to go through the loss of their dad too.

Emily said...

Oh my gosh I can't imagine what your friend is going through. Keeping her and her family in my thoughts and prayers.

Have fun at the movie!

Audrey said...

Hi from ICLW! Sorry to hear about your friend! That is devastating!
I also saw that movie, it was so good!

Life Happens said...

So sorry for your friend's loss. Will keep her in my prayers.

Hope you are feeling better too.

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