Thursday, January 12, 2012

Displacement - The Best Form of Time-Wasting

Another day has passed with nothing interesting (or, at least, adoption related) in our mailbox. Since it seems nothing is happening quickly, I've found a new obsession to occupy part of my time. I'm really trying to take my Thirty-One business very seriously this year. I have a private group on Facebook for those who have bought/expressed an interest in buying/I feel may have an interest in buying/are my friends and, thus, get drug into my insanity to follow what I'm up to or ask questions/submit orders to me (so, if you haven't added me on Facebook and would like an invite to this group, go add me and let me know you want to be added to the group). I posted this to the group earlier this evening:

"‎2011 was a year of ups and downs for us. I began my Thirty-One business in late July with great aspirations of making new friends, growing in faith and trust in the Lord and earning a little extra income to help pay for our adoption and possible future adoptions. With my dad's passing in August, my motivation slipped away from me and I allowed the rest of the year to go by without making much headway in my goals. With the start of 2012, my determination is renewed and I'm praying this year will see me reach my goals and allow me to turn my Thirty-One business into something that not only allows me the extra income to add to our adoption fund, but also allows me an opportunity to minister about how great the Lord is, about how He is working in my life and about how He can work in the lives... of others if only we'll remove ourselves as obstacles.

With this thought in mind, help me make 2012 a fantastic year! I received my new Spring catalogs today and they will be premiering on February 1. There are some gorgeous new prints and some fabulous new products that I am excited to show you in just a few short weeks. I'm currently taking bookings for parties for February and March, so if you're interested in hosting a party, please message me and let's see if we can get you booked and earn you some wonderful FREE products! I'm not afraid to travel, either, so for those of you who do not live in Baxley or Hazlehurst, don't be afraid to ask! I will come to you and we will have a fantastic time partying with your friends, shopping for beautiful handbags and organizational products and celebrating God's love together through fellowship!"

There are so many reasons I'd like to make my business work, not the least of which is that I would love to be able to stay home with our children (when we finally get the adoption underway) but still contribute to our family income. Also, I honestly do feel it is a great company to work for with an awesome message! For anyone who doesn't know and is interested, the company is named for and based on Proverbs 31.

I love the company; I adore the products; and I enjoy the feeling it gives me to succeed in this. I'm currently working on getting my business ready for the new catalogs that will be premiering on February 1. If anyone would be interested in hosting a party with me, even though you're probably very far away from me, we can arrange this! You could host an online party or a catalog party. Just contact me and I'll give you more details. Also, if you're interested in becoming a Thirty-One consultant yourself, email me or leave a comment in the comments section and I'll get back with you on the details.

Please forgive me for allowing Thirty-One to hijack my blog, but I must put this energy somewhere and I really believe in the products and the purpose. I hope 2012 is a year full of great things for all of us and I hope Thirty-One will be one of mine!


Emily said...

I absolutely love their stuff! Everyone in my family who has just had a baby uses the bags for diaper bags.

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