Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Part 2

It's Thankful Thursday again! Be sure to join in and tell me what you're thankful for!

Today I'd like to talk about my wonderful hubby. I am so thankful he came into my life almost 11 years ago. Many of you know the story of how we met, but for those who don't, you can find that here. Monday of this week made 10 years since The Hubs first made his grand debut in the US and since our first "real life" meeting. We've been an "official" couple for 10 years now. Wow, how time flies!

The Hubs has been my rock for a decade. He has been the reason I keep going a lot of times when I'd rather just give up. He makes me smile when I'm sad. He makes me feel joyful oftentimes when the world looks bleak. He's my biggest reason for staying sane! He's the part of me that holds hope and the part of me that knows, no matter how awful things may seem at times, nothing can be completely without hope or completely unsalvageable as long as we have each other.

He makes me happier than anyone else and he pisses me off more than anyone ever could =D We are a couple who loves passionately and fights passionately. I've always told him that, whatever problems we may be going through, I wanted to keep the passion in our relationship and we do! He is my best friend and the only person I tell all my secrets to. He knows me better than anyone else and loves me in spite of and because of my faults. I couldn't have a better partner for this journey called life.

We've had tough times over the last decade, but we've come through. Not unscathed and not unscarred, but still in one solid - if slightly banged up - piece. No, life is not always moonlight and roses, but it's also not always doom and gloom. The Hubs has the ability to make me laugh even when it looks like we may be facing the end. I don't know what demons and catastrophes may lie in our future, but whatever they may be, we'll face them together. I am so thankful I have such an awesome friend, lover and partner to hold my hand through the battle of life.


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