Friday, June 17, 2011

Flashback Friday - Senior Portrait

As another part of the "Get Lynn Blogging" initiative, I've started another weekly feature on my blog. This one will be called Flashback Friday. Each Friday, I will post a memory from my past. Just a trip down memory lane for me and a glimpse into my past for my readers. I think it will be an enjoyable Friday post. Now, onto the first weekly installment!

It has officially been 14 years since I graduated from high school. I can hardly believe it! It seems like only yesterday I was starting 9th grade! I can remember it just like it was yesterday. My real question is, where did time go?!?! I truly don't remember 14 years passing. I have to wonder if part of it is because I moved off to England. Are those 3 1/2 years lost years?

Whatever the reason, I'm now 14 years post-graduation. I'm not sure how it works for other schools, but at our school, when you reached your senior year of high school, you would have your Senior portraits made. These would be made during the early part of summer before your senior year started. So, for me, it's been 15 years since I had those photos made,

This shouldn't be such a big deal for me, but it is. In fact, the only reason I even thought about Senior portraits is the fact that my eldest niece, Boop, actually went this week to have her Senior portraits made. This is the child who was born when I was a freshman in high school! She's already reached her senior year! She'll technically be an adult in November! I can hardly believe she's basically grown now. It makes me feel old and weepy. She was my only niece for a while and, unlike my nephew, she actually lived here. I can remember taking her trick-or-treating the Halloween before I moved to England - she was Hermione Granger and I was Professor McGonagall.....we made our own robes and they were awesome! Where did that little girl go?

In any case, with Boop having her shining moment to get her Senior portraits taken, it made me think back to mine. Having my Senior portrait taken was certainly memorable. Not the photo itself, but the events leading up to it. My photo was taken with me having had only 4 hours sleep! Why so little rest the day before an important photo shoot you ask? No, I wasn't a party girl at that time (that came a couple of years later, lol), so I hadn't been out tearing up the town. I had been in Washington, D.C. for a week with the Younger Lawyers of Georgia for summer law camp. We arrived back to the Atlanta airport at 8pm the night before my photo shoot! I live about a 4 hour drive from Atlanta, so it was very late when we got home. Then, of course, my parents wanted to know all about the trip.

When I eventually got to bed, it was around 3am and I had to be up at 7am to make it to my 8:30am photo shoot! I feel like I looked bleary eyed in the photo, but everyone has always said they couldn't tell. I'll let you be the judge.

Please be gentle with your comments! I think we must all cringe when we see these old photos of ourselves, lol!

Wanna share your Flashback Friday? Post a link in the comments section to your own Flashback Friday blog post and I'll come by and bask in the memories with you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

I always cringe at my old pics or new. I am not very photogenic. I always seem to get caught at the wrong angle.

I love your photograph, and no I would not be able to guess that you were so sleep-deprived, unless you shared the story that you did.

Boop is a grown-up girl now.

When an aunt of mine started talking to me about the marriage of my cousin, I wondered why? After all, she was still so young. Well, she is 23 now, and I still remember her as a little girl only. Blah! Yes! I so get your time analysis with Boop.

(St. Elsewhere)

Arlee Bird said...

Whoa! Hold on there girl! It's been 11 years since my oldest daughter graduated and 42 years since I graduated from high school. Now I'm the one who really wants to know where all that time went. Where did the time go anyway?!

As for the photo I guess I wouldn't have thought sleepy. But maybe kind of happy sad in a way. Or maybe squinting from a flash, but I don't think they used flashes in those kinds of portraits.

But back to the time. You just wait. It's gonna go faster and faster as the years go by. Savor each moment as best you can.

Tossing It Out

randomdanni said...

I actually just got an invitation to my 5 year high school reunion. I know it's only the first one, but I am still in disbelief. I feel like I only graduated college yesterday and high school a few days before that... So how can I have a 5 year reunion to go to?? It doesn't make sense!

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