Friday, June 27, 2014

Birth of a Bio Sister

We got some huge news this morning. It may not wind up affecting us directly, but still big news all the same. Monkey's birthmom gave birth to another baby yesterday. A little girl. We were initially told, when she voluntarily relinquished rights, that if she became pregnant prior to Monkey's adoption finalizing, the baby would be picked up and placed in foster care and that we would have the first option of placement.

It may be crazy, but I really, really, really hope we get a call for the baby to place with us! I know, I know. We already have 4 children and that should be enough, but it would be so amazing to have Monkey's biological sibling and a baby at that! I know we could parent 5 children, so that's not a worry. I just don't know if DFCS (Department of Family and Children Services) is going to follow up on it as they said. Frankly, I feel they should. Yes, Monkey's bio mom voluntarily relinquished rights, but, because she refused to do what the State asked of her and because the parenting classes she was ordered to take stated she wasn't a fit parent, rights were going to be terminated anyway had she not relinquished. Surely they'll at least investigate for this child?

If we find out any more, I'll update. Just please keep positive thoughts flowing this way and, if you pray, say a prayer for us and for the baby! For birthmom too. If she does get to keep the baby, she needs thoughts and prayers that she'll be able and willing to care for her the way she needs.


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