Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Day, New Duties

Today has the words "busy, busy, busy" written all over it!

I decided to take a moment to blog and enjoy my cup of coffee before beginning the craziness that is going to be this day. First off, I have to go this morning and get (at least 2 of) my children registered for next school term. Since they were attending a different school, I have to get their records transferred. This should be interesting. I've never done this before and, despite all of our life experiences and appearances, I don't enjoy or feel comfortable doing new things. That should take up my morning. At 2pm, Monkey has speech therapy one town away. After that, I have to rush home to make dinner and get all the kids ready for Vacation Bible School at church this evening at 7pm. Somewhere in the midst of all of this, I have to do some grocery shopping.

I feel tired already.

The only good part of all of this is that I plan to leave the kids this morning with Nana. They'll be with me this afternoon - unless of course I can convince Nana to take Monkey to speech therapy - and that will be challenging enough. Hopefully, I won't lose my mind, lol!

Anyway, sorry to be so brief today, but I must be off! Will attempt a longer post tomorrow, but the next couple of days are looking to be as busy as this one! Toodles!


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