Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What the F**k Wednesday

So I've just discovered What the Fuck Wednesday, hosted by the ever-fabulous Kristin and have decided I would participate. Hopefully this will help me get back into the blogging cycle seeing as how there are constantly WTF moments in my life.

Today's moment comes to you directly from my boss. I will pause here to say, if you happen to follow me on Facebook, please do not mention this there, seeing as how my boss is now one of my "friends" (after dodging her for two years and claiming to always "forget" to locate her and add her and hiding behind the fact I have a very common name, she finally located me and added me. I could find no reason to not accept and figured I would just do well to accept her friendship and limit my FB time from here on out).

As I've stated in my last two posts, I have a severe headache that has been with me now for a week and a half. I saw my regular doctor last Wednesday and was prescribed antibiotics and nose spray for a severe sinus infection and Flexeril for neck spasms as well as Vimovo to keep my stomach from being upset from the other medications (hey, no matter that I generally take enough medication for an army, these meds may cause an upset stomach), however, these medications have not even touched my headache. It's still present and getting worse. I've been at work everyday (apart from my visit to the RE last Thursday, but that was unrelated to my headache), having taken only an hour to go to my doctor last Wednesday and then coming back to work. In fact, we're only at Wednesday of this week and I already have 3 1/4 hours more hours than I should have! At the rate I'm going, I'll have to leave by 11:00 on Friday to avoid overtime!

Anyway, one of the reasons I have so much time is that one of the other girls in my department has been sick and the other one has had a sick child. Between the two of them, they've missed some time this week. Being the department supervisor, it has fallen to me to take up their slack, despite my debilitating headache. Honestly, I've been going through my days in a haze of pain and nausea. But I've been there.

Today (as the colleague who has been sick herself was admitted to our hospital), I stated to my boss that I needed to see my doctor again and see what he could do, since my headache had not gone away. Let me restate: this headache has been around for a week and a half.

Her response? (In a very snide and snotty tone) "You just need to go get some Sudafed and take it! You just have fluid in your head and sinuses! There's nothing else wrong!"

What. The. Fuck?!?!

Now, I know she is a nurse, but, guess what? She may not have been concerned, but I was! I'll stop here to say she's been extremely concerned about the colleague who's been sick and the child of the other colleague, but then she's friends with them outside of work (which severely limits my ability to be an effective supervisor. They don't like what I do, they run to her and complain and she "corrects" me). I'm not disputing they've been sick, but so have I. And her dismissal of my headache really bothered me.

In the end, I spoke with my doctor and he ordered a STAT CT of the brain with and without IV contrast. The report showed there was no hemorrhaging, no mass, no ischemic changes and no fluid on the brain or in the sinuses. Shock! Surprise! My boss was wrong (go figure)!

What it means is that what I'm experiencing is a migraine headache different from any migraine I've had before - and I get them pretty frequently - and possibly indicative of a move towards epilepsy. Great. That's all I need. In an effort to prevent future migraines and avoid any epileptic episodes, my doctor has prescribed Topamax for 5 days to see what my response to it will be.

So, I will once more say What the Fuck?!?!?! to my boss and ask the diagnosing of my problems be left to my GP. Oh, and please have the same respect and care for me you have for the others in my department.

Sorry for my rant, but it had to go somewhere!

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Kristin said...

Oh honey, that sounds miserable and your boss sounds like a raving bitch. Here's hoping your future WTF moments fall into the more humorous side of the spectrum. {{{Hugs}}}

Anonymous said...

That's very ignorant of your boss! I agree, WTF! Hope your headache is going away soon, ugh that's a long time to be having it around. Not cool.

Thanks for stopping by at my blog. ICLW #12

Hilary said...

I hope you feel better. Thanks for visiting me.

Jonelle said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry about your boss. Having a weeklong headache is scary and it was very insensitive of her to assume you were just experiences "sinus problems"

I hope you start to feel better.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I hate dealing with people in the workplace who aren't professional! Drives me up the wall.

Lavender Luz said...

I hope you're able to get to the bottom of the headaches and vanquish them.

And while you're at it, that nasty attitude of your boss's, too!

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog today, Lynn :-)

Heather said...

Hey Lynn that is just so awful about the headaches. Sending love and hugs. I also tended to get them around my period and ovulation and the nausea too. It sucks. It is worth investigating and I really hope you get to the bottom of it. I am still figuring mine out. My mom is convinced I must change my blood pressure meds to beta blockers that would help. In the meantime I do have an mp3 that might help you...
Thanks for stopping by my blog and the comment. :)

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