Tuesday, October 18, 2011


  • I'm still not feeling very wordsy these days. Finding it difficult to simply interact with people in everyday life, so really struggling to find the energy/words to blog.

  • I've had a bad headache now for 3 days. It's really painful and makes it difficult for me to concentrate on anything. I really wish it would go away. Right now my brain feels a lot like a water balloon someone is rhythmically squeezing. Probably a new kind of migraine for me. Awesome.

  • My third blogoversary was 5 days ago. I missed it. I'm so on top of these things, can't you tell?

  • I had an appointment with Dr. O on October 6 because AF hadn't shown her face in a couple of months and the last two times she did show up, it was only very faint. He wanted to do another endometrial biopsy and also an ultrasound. I've gotten the results back from the biopsy and, so far, no hyperplasia is showing. The ultrasound did show a persistent cyst on my right ovary. The cyst had grown 2cm in 3 weeks, so not good. I have to go back this Thursday to have another ultrasound and see if it's grown again. If it has, he'll be setting up an appointment to have the cyst removed. He also gave me some meds to bring AF on and she showed up Sunday morning. I think she's on her way again now, so it's been a brief but intense visit, lol. I had some bloodwork done as well, but so far haven't gotten the results back from that. I'll give you an update after my appointment.

  • I think I forgot to share with you that we had lost two of our dogs in September. Our hound who lived outside, Melly, was bitten by a snake and died. We were very sad to lose her, but we were at work when it happened and, so, had no chance of saving her. My mom's chihuahua, Merlin, was hit by a car when he was let out to run and it killed him instantly. Another blow of a loss. Feels like there's been a lot of that lately.

  • Speaking of loss, my best friend (apart from The Hubs), J, is leaving the country for a year. He's going to Afghanistan to work as a civilian contractor. He's been working with The Hubs for the last year and I've grown used to seeing him most days and talking to him virtually everyday. It's going to be difficult not having him to talk to. He's been a big help over the last few months to both The Hubs and I. I'll miss him.

  • We haven't really heard anything more from Juno. Still no meeting and still no more info, so I'm not counting that as much of a lead anymore. Not giving up entirely on it, but not letting it rule my thoughts.

  • The Hubs and I finally called for info on adopting through the State of Georgia yesterday! We should get a call back within 10 days to set up an informational meeting. Hopefully, we'll soon be on our way to getting approved to adopt through the State!

  • The Hubs and I have been talking a lot about our pending adoption process and we're considering adopting an older child. Has anyone ever adopted a child over age 8 through foster/adoption? We'd appreciate any information you may have to share, particularly if you've done this in the State of Georgia.

  • I'm still trying to decide what I want to do for birthdayversary next month. I can't decide if The Hubs and I want to go away overnight just the two of us or if I want to have a party in Savannah. I teeter back and forth between the two. Must make my mind up very soon.

  • If you hadn't noticed, I updated my blog template for Halloween. I like it. I think it's pretty.

  • I'm getting ready to open the Christmas Ornament Exchange soon. I want to give everyone plenty of time to sign up and shop for their ornament. I'm also thinking of doing a masterlist for Christmas Card exchanges. What do you think? Anyone interested in exchanging addresses for Christmas Cards? Let me know!

  • I know there are many other things I wanted to share, but can't think what they are now. Oh, well, that should just give me another reason to blog again soon!


Carmela said...

Hi Lynn, so sorry to hear about the loss of your father. I know that must be very difficult to deal with. Hoping you have some good news soon about the adoption possibility. Fingers crossed :)

Happy ICLW!
Carmela #77

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