Friday, March 12, 2010

Waiting Game

I still haven't O'd yet, so on Wednesday I called and spoke to Nurse Happy. I asked her if there was anything I needed to do. I am petrified of the follies turning into cysts instead of doing what they're supposed to do. She told me not to panic because the "24 to 72 hours until O" was only a guesstimate and that we should just continue doing our "homework". She said Dr. Bashful had reviewed the u/s and seen lots of good looking follies (more than I had been told about), so she felt very good about this cycle.

Since I had not yet received a call about my RE appointment I also asked Nurse Happy about it. She said that Dr. Bashful wanted to hold off on the referral until we see how this cycle turns out. She reiterated that Dr. Bashful feels very good about this cycle. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping she's right!

The Hubs and I are off on date night tonight. The plan is to go to the cinema to see Remember Me, the new Rob Pattinson flick. I'm really excited, as you all know of my HUGE crush on Rob Pattinson. I know, I know....I'm sad really, but that's okay! The Hubs understands ;D I'll try to put a review up on At The Movies With Wistfulgirl tomorrow.

Tonight is kind of in celebration of The Hubs' birthday which was this past Wednesday, but we're planning to go away next weekend to really celebrate. His birthday was very low-key on the actual day with the exception that his office bought him a cake and card. I got him a card, but he didn't want a present. He said, instead, he would prefer to save the money and do something special while we're away. I'm looking forward to next weekend!

I actually have something that I'd like to rant about, but I'm not sure who's reading this blog and I want to be able to throw my tantrum and get it out without it coming back to bite me in the you-know-what. So, for now (because if Blogger allows you to password protect a single post, I don't know how to do it), I'll refrain. It's nothing to do with anyone or anything online. It's a personal thing. I just get so darn frustrated with people in my life sometimes!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Suzy said...

I wish blogspot would let you do password protection on individual posts!

So glad you and the hubby will be able to go out and celebrate his birthday tonight. I'm not a fan of Rob P.'s but I think the movie looks good! I'm sure you'll have a great time.

I'm so hoping this is a great cycle for you!

Happy Friday!

jill said...

It would be nice if blogspot had an option to pw protect certain posts. To my knowledge, it's not possible.

I hope this cycle turns out well for you. Do they want you to come back in for more monitoring?

Hope you have a wonderful time tonight!

Lynn said...

Thanks for the info on password protection ladies! I didn't think there was a way, but you never know ;)

Jill, they didn't mention me coming back in for more monitoring right now. At this point in time, they aren't concerned that O hasn't happened yet. I'm only worried because I know my history. Oh, well! We'll see what happens. It's just really difficult for me not to be impatient! LOL!

AKD said...

I'm so glad your doctor is so encouraged by this cycle - you deserve so much happiness and success!

I hope you guys have a great time both tonight and next weekend!

Life Happens said...

I THINK you can password protect a single post. I'm almost sure I've seen it on someone's (blogger) blog before. At least I thought it was blogger. Sorry I don't know how though.

I love R.Pattinson. I can't wait for the new Twi.light movie, E.clipse, in June!

Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Yea for your RE being happy about this cycle. I hope ovulation happens soon!

daega99 said...

Hi There! Hope this cycle is going well.


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