Friday, October 2, 2009

Cycle Day 76 - AF/O where are you?!

Note: This is a TMI post.

Today is cycle day 76.

It feels like this cycle will never end. I had some EWCM again yesterday, which had me hopeful. Today my temp is way down. I don't know what my body is playing at, but I really hope something will happen soon. It's so frustrating!

I'm not a patient person. I'm working on this, but for the time being, patience is a virtue that deserts me. I just want the next cycle to start, even though we're taking a break from medical treatment until The Hubs is back in work. I know that if the next cycle would go ahead and start, I could try the natural route again with supplements. This cycle I took Soy Isoflavones which didn't seem to do much of anything. Maybe I didn't take enough?

If I don't get a sign of either O or AF in the next few days, I'll try Vitex. I've heard it does good things, so maybe it would work for me. Anyone got any information on how it works or any stories about their own experience with Vitex? I'd be interested to hear them.

I know we aren't pg - my temps have been staying much too low for that. My chart looks very sad. PCOS is a real witch!


Suzy said...

Bad PCOS! I wish we didn't have to deal with that beast!

Anonymous said...

I hope she hurries up and shows! Good luck! Love the new layout :D

Sunny said...

I'm here from LFCA. I don't know a *lot* about vitex, but I did take it for several months (including the month I got pregnant). From what I understand, it's supposed to help balance/boost women's natural hormones. It did definitely affect my EWCM... lots! And it helped lengthen my LP, which was really why I was taking it. I wouldn't credit this BFP to the vitex -- I think the injectibles and IUI really get those kudos -- but if you are concerned about EWCM and your LP, vitex could certainly help. I doubt it will bring on AF... maybe your doc could prescribe some prometrium to bring it on.


Thalia said...

Vitex completely messed up my cycles, so I wouldnt' recommend it unless you are seeing a chinese medicine pracitioner who can look at your whole system and see what you need. Self medicating with this stuff is very unlikely to work as there are so many checks and balances on your system, you start messing with one, and others will kick in.

Writermom said...

My last cycle was all wonky (lasted about 3 months), and my RE gave me Prometrium to set it right. And suddenly, we're on a very good cycle, so...I'd ask about Prometrium. It's good stuff :)

Lynn said...

Thanks a lot for the information! I have taken Prometrium in the past and it did bring AF on. However, we are not doing any prescription medication until The Hubs is back in work. So, I'm trying to find something natural that will help out. Btw, although I've taken Prometrium to start a non-Clomid cycle and also to start a Clomid cycle, I have not ovulated (while I've been looking for it anyway) when not on Clomid. I've been temping and checking CM and CP for the last year and without Clomid, my cycle's produce nada.

Justina said...

I haven't tried Vitex or anything but one thing that I've been using the past few cycles is "Moon-cycle" Tea by Nu.wati It hasn't given me a BFP, but it's regulated my cycles - I was going anywhere from 21 days to 45 days and the last 3 cycles I've been 31 days exactly. I make a big pot of it and let it steep overnight, then pour it into a bottle and drink it cold the next day. (and add some splenda or honey because the taste leaves a lot to be desired!) And I also don't seem to have the awful PMS and cramps that have been bothering me the last year or so.

Jess said...

PCOS is the devil! Because of it, I'm not skinny and because of it, I can't have a baby-so I call it the devil! I'm sorry you are going through this-nothing is worse than a long cycle without an O. I'm on clomid as well (I've lost count but I think I've done it for 5 rounds).

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