Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Twilight Widowers Anonymous

So I discovered a website that I feel will prove to be a useful tool for my husband last night: Twilight Widowers Anonymous. This guy is totally hilarious and, as sad as it may be, I completely feel his wife's pain. As a Twi-Addict myself, I get that only fellow Twi-Addicts can understand the true depth of our obsession. It's not really even a choice anymore. It's a cumpulsion.

But, anyway, I found the site and I was reading some of the posts to Rich. He, like myself, was laughing hard enough to knock most of the air out of our lungs. I was really struggling to breathe with all the laughter that was bubbling in me. The guy is so funny! He really should have his own stand up act. His post from May 1 indicates “A day in the life of a Twilight Widower”. As I was reading it out, Rich was nodding and muttering “Hmm....de ja' vu”, which only succeeded in making me laugh harder. It was amazing, though, how much it sounded like me.

The Twilight Widower had also made some motivational posters for other Twilight widowers. They were too funny. My favorite was the Patience one. Just the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Also, completely true.

At least now Rich has a place to go for support. When he's feeling neglected or abandoned because of my Twilight obsession, he can visit Twilight Widowers Anonymous and take comfort in knowing there are others out there just like him. They can have company in their misery!

In other Twilight-related news, I had an awesome dream Sunday night. Rob Pattinson was giving a free concert in my town! It was wonderful and so real. This could have had something to do with me having my MP3 player and earbuds on and the player happening to be on Rob's songs. Oh, what wonderful dreams. Of course, the stupid alarm clock had to pick that moment to go off, thus interrupting my beautiful dreamworld. *Sigh* Must remember to think of that dream next time I wear my MP3 player to bed. Maybe the dream will continue :-D


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